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About Rainbownigeria.com

Rainbownigeria.com is own by Odang Emmanuel who is a graduate of Sociology of University of Ilorin, Nigeria. This blog was created on March, 2020.

Rainbownigeria.com deals with HealthPoliticsCurrent Affairs, and Security Tips. This blog educates readers about various health conditions, how they can make informed choices on diets, lifestyle changes and natural or herbal treatments. We also provide our readers with the plants or herbs name(s) mentioned in English Language, in some Nigerian Languages and their Botanical names as well.


We discuss Politics and Current Affairs in Nigeria by going extra miles in getting our readers information they may not easily get elsewhere. We gives our readers tips on how they can secure themselves, their loved ones and properties.

 At Rainbownigeria.com, we research always and update the information, we have at our disposal in order to serve YOU (our) readers better.