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Black pepper health benefits is aim at explaining various medicinal benefits of Black pepper. Black pepper is a spice that add flavor to foods, heat to a dish and acts as preservative. Black pepper is a perennial climbing vine. The fruit from this vine produces green, black and white pepper corns. Black pepper colour depends on when it is harvested. To get black pepper corns. Allow them to dry untill they become black. Black pepper can be found in whole, cracked and powder form.

Black pepper scientific name is piper nigrum. In Nigeria black is known by various names. It’s known as ata iyere in Yoruba; Masooroo in Hausa; Uziza in Igbo. Black pepper contains bioactive compounds that is known as piperine. Piperine is a natural alkaloid that gives black pepper it pungent taste. Black pepper contains the following vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, C, E, K, B1, B2, B5, B6, manganese, copper, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, chromium and zinc. Black pepper contains several active compounds as well.

Black Pepper Health Benefits

Black Pepper


In this write-up; you’ll know:


  • Black pepper health benefits and
  • Black pepper side effects.

I’ll explain…


(1) REGULATE BLOOD PRESSURE: Extract from black pepper help to lower high blood pressure. The piperine in black pepper reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis  and cardiovascular disease. The essential oil in black pepper demonstrated antioxidant activity. It also acts as ACE inhibitor.

(2) STIMULATE APPETITE: A study showed that black pepper might increase your appetite. It does this by stimulating your sense of smell. On the other hand, another study showed that black pepper may suppress your appetite.

(3) AID IN WEIGHT LOSS: Another black pepper health benefits is that piperine in black pepper fight fat cells formation. It enhances stomach function and assist in digestion. The result also lies in following healthy diet and burn fat physically by exercising your body. According to research black pepper might provide alternative to treatment for fat related ailments. Drinking of green tea with a pinch of black pepper, two or three times a day can help you lose weight.

(4) IMPROVES ORAL HEALTH: Black pepper contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Black pepper gives relief from toothache, mix black pepper powder with olive oil. Apply it over the affected area. Black pepper also provide relief from gum issues. Piperine in black pepper reduces inflammation that result in periodontal or gum disease. For gum disease. Mix equal quantity of salt with black pepper. Add little water. Rub the mixture on your gums. 

(5) IMPROVES DIGESTION: Black pepper stimulate the digestive juices and enzymes. When black pepper is added in raw form in your diet. The stomach releases hydrochloric acid that break down protein. It has carminative properties that reduce discomfort and gas build up in your intestines.

(6) REDUCES JOINTS PAIN: Black pepper contains medicinal properties that treats joint pain arthritis. Adding black pepper in your diet can prevent gout as well. This is another black pepper health benefits.

(7) LOWER BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS: Piperine stabilizes blood sugar by delaying absorption of glucose. This helps in diabetes treatment. Piperine in black pepper reduces the dose of metformin (a diabetes medication). It also eases diabetes signs and symptoms. 

(8) PREVENT CONSTIPATION: This is another black pepper health benefits. You may be suffering from constipation, if you are having less than three stools a week. Constipation make you strain before passing out stools. Adding black pepper in your diet in moderate quantity can prevent constipation.

(9) REDUCES VITILIGO: Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the skin to lose it pigmentation in some areas. Vitiligo is characterized by the formation of pale, white patches that occur due to lack of MELANIN. According to research piperine in black pepper provide safe and natural treatment alternative to chemical treatments. An ointement with black pepper extract showed some promising result in reducing vitiligo.

Stay with me now because…

(10) ENHANCES BRAIN FUNCTIONS: Black pepper slows aging of brain. It also prevent alzheimer’s. Piperine in black pepper can reduce the formation of amyliodal plaque. It enhances nerve activity in the brain, hence prevent seizures.

(11) PROMOTES ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS: Another black pepper health benefits is that piperine in black pepper has bio – enhancing agent that promotes nutrients absorption. Piperine improves the bio availability of resveratol and curcumin. Stimulates the release of enzymes that help in digestion of fat and carbs. Adding black pepper in your diet, increases the amount of nutrients absorbed into your blood stream.

(12) IMPROVES FERTILITY IN MEN: Black pepper increases testosterone levels in males because it is rich in zinc and magnesium. It help in the development and movement of sperms. It increases sperm count and sperm concentration also. 

(13) PREVENTION OF CANCER: A study showed that piperine may stop the spread and survival of many cancer cells. Piperine was found to enhance the effectiveness of docetaxel. A chemotherapy medication used in prostrate cancer treatment.

(14) TREATS DEPRESSION: Chewing of raw black pepper in small quantity releases mood enhancing chemicals to the brain. This keep the mind calm and soothing always.

(15) PROVIDES RELIEF FROM COLD AND COUGH: Black pepper stimulate circulation and flow of mucous. For cough mix half teaspoon of black pepper with 2 tablespoons of honey. Consume it. Do it twice daily. For severe cold. Add 1 pinch of black pepper and 1 pinch of Turmeric to 150 ml of lukewarm milk. Mix them together thoroughly and drink. Do it two times a day.

Having explained black pepper health benefits, next is…


Too much consumption of black pepper can be harmful. However, it’s not harmful when include in your meal in moderation. Black pepper side effects include:

  1. When black pepper get in the eye. It causes redness, burning and irritation.
  2. When taken in excess. It can accidentally get stuck in your lungs. It can cause coughing and breathing problems. It may also lead to serious health issues in children.
  3. Pregnant women and  women breast feeding their baby should limit their black pepper consumption to the amount include in their diet. Doing this will prevent miscarriage in pregnant women.

This write-up is for educational purpose. It is not a substitute to medical or dietician advice.