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Ways you can prevent sexual assault are many. Having the knowledge of the various ways you can prevent sexual assault is vital. It will give you confidence to step in when something is wrong. Stepping in, can make great difference but it shouldn’t put your own safety at risk. Learning how to intervene in a way that fits the situation and your comfort level is important as well.

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Here are what you’ll know:

  • Meaning of sexual assault.
  • Types of sexual assault.
  • Ways you can prevent sexual assault and 
  • How to treat victim(s) of sexual assault.

Meaning of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can be verbal, visual or any type of sexual activity or contact that happens without your consent. However, overall definition of sexual assault or indecent assault is an act of physical, psychological and emotional in the form of a sexual act, inflicted on someone without such person consent. It can involve forcing or manipulating someone to witness or take part in any sexual acts.

Evidently, not all cases of sexual assault involve violence, cause physical injury or left visible marks. Sexual assault can cause serious distress and emotional harm. All of which can take long time to recover from. This is the reason the term “assault” is used. The reports treat seriously as those of violent physical attacks.

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Types of Sexual Assault

They include:

  1. Inappropriate touching or fondling.
  2. Rape: It is a form of sexual assault. Not all form of sexual assault is rape.
  3. Attempted rape.
  4. Sexual intercourse that you say NO!
  5. Vaginal, anal or oral penetration.
  6. Marital rape.
  7. Sexual contact with minor(s) whether consensual or not.
  8. Incest (sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion between family members).

Ways You Can Prevent Sexual Assault

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They include:

  • Possession of child pornography.
  • Solicitation of minor(s) through the internet.
  • Sexual harassment.

Having explained types of sexual assault, let’s move to…

Ways You Can Prevent Sexual Assault

It is not easy to protect yourself from sexual assault.knowing several ways you can prevent sexual assault can help you to stay safe. Ways you can prevent sexual assault include:

(1) Be alert to your surrounding and people around you. Do not cover your both ears with ears with music head phones.

(2) Be careful when people stop you to ask for direction. Always respond from a distance. Never get close to the car.

(3) Stay away from secluded areas.

(4) Do not stay alone with the people you do not know or trust. This is another ways you can prevent sexual assault.

(5) Trust your instincts. If something is wrong, try to leave such environment.

(6) Always look strong, confident, concious and secure in your environment.

(7) Another ways your can protect yourself from sexual assault. If your are with someone you know and your instincts tell you something is not right. Trust your feelings. It is advisable you leave such individual and the environment.

(7) Make sure you know someone well enough before spending time alone with such individual. Spend first few dates in public places.

(8) Ways you can prevent sexual assault. Do not attend or leave party alone with someone you do not feel comfortable with.

(9) Wear shoes or clothes that gives you freedom of movement. 

(10) Also, you can prevent sexual assault by attending party with a group of people. If possible keep an eye on one another. Make sure none of you is left behind or alone a party.

(11) Do not accept drinks from someone you do not know. Open your own drinks or beverages. Keep your drink or beverages near you. Know your limits. In order to prevent someone from slipping drug in to your drink. You wouldn’t know if such thing occur because you can’t smell or taste date – rape drinks.

(12) If you think you have drugged. Get help immediately. Tell a friend and quickly leave the area. If your are in trouble attract help anyway you can. SCREAM, SHOUT for help or yell FIRE!!! This will draw people attention. This is another ways you can prevent sexual assault.

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Having analyzed ways you can prevent sexual assault. It is time to know how to treat sexual assault victim.

How To Treat Sexual Assault Victim

They include:

1. If the victim has sustained a severe injury or unconcious. Call emergency number.

2. Call the police or other concerned law enforcement agency. If there are signs of danger from the attacker. Make sure the victim is not left alone. Get the victim to a secure safe place.

3. Do not clean up before getting medical attention. To preserve evidence:

(a) Such victim must not bathe.

(b) Such victim must not go to bathroom.

(c) Such victim must not comb their hair or change clothes until they had received a medical examination. Again, do not clean up anything at the scene of the assault.

(d) If the victim has been raped. A doctor will use a rape kit to collect hair, semen, clothing fibres and other evidence of the attacker identity.

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FINALLY, know that sexual assault or sexual violence will not end until men were part of the solution. Silence does not mean consent. Don’t blame rape victim for the violence carried out on them. Avoid sexist behavior that objectify or stereotype women. Interrupt inappropriate jokes.

What’s more, let’s your children know, that they can decide who can touch them. Whether such individual is a family member or not. Let them know that, they can report if someone touch them inappropriately. Teach them to respect other people. They should treat other people, they way they wanted to be treated. All these and more are ways sexual assault can be prevented.

This information is not meant to be a legal advice. It is rather for educational purpose. Always meet your lawyer or attorney for legal advice.




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