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Ways you can secure your bank account is aim at educating you on different ways cyber thieves and fraudsters operate. Ways you can secure your bank account will teach how you can secure your bank account from hackers. Some years back depositors or customers usually have to go to a bank in person to complete their banking transactions. Presently, things had changed greatly as a result of Internet or online banking. Online banking allow people to carryout their transactions with the touch of buttons or clicks. This have reduce the customers or depositors stress.

Equally, digitalization whereby you have to use mobile application and in order to have access to online portals have it own shortcomings. Fraudsters, hackers and cyber thieves steal people personal information in order to have unauthorized access in to people accounts with the aim of stealing their money.

I’m sure you’re with me on this…

This article will enable YOU to know:

  1. Ways you can secure your bank account from cyber thieves.
  2. Types of messages you can respond to and the ones you must ignore.
  3. Where you can download genuine apps. and
  4. What you must do when you discovered that your personal information and the ones relating to your bank is compromised.

Let me break this down for you…

Ways You Can Secure Your Bank Account Below Will Prevent You From Becoming Victim:

(1) If your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card is trapped in an ATM machine:

Ways You Can Secure Your Bank Account

Quickly go to your bank or any of it nearest branch to report such incident and make sure such card is deactivated. Also, make sure your debit or credit card are safe. If  you loss your card, if your card is stolen or you suspect that it number has been stolen, inform the concerned authorities and take all necessary precautions. Such card must be deactivated or blocked also.

(2) Whenever you are transacting with your bank, always make sure you’re on your bank official website or app: Enter the correct website address. Always carryout your transactions on a secured connection and do not use public WiFi or network to avoid being hacked. In most cases you will be requested to enter your details.

(3) Do not tell any person your mobile activation code over the phone, sms, mail or in person:

Do not send financial or vital information through mail, because email is encrypted and cyber theives can intercept such communication. Lest I forget, beware of phishing emails. Phishing email in most cases have wrong numbers and bad links. Don’t bother to reply such mails so as to prevent the hacking of your bank account(s) by cyber thieves.

(4) Do not click on adware pop ups: They are common method use by cyber thieves to embed malwares (it is software that is purposely designed to disrupt, damage or have unauthorized access to a computer system). If you reply to such mail you might be hacked. It will enable such cyber theif to get your private details and Internet Protocol (IP). This may create malwares in your system that allows such cyber theif to keep track all your transactions and have access to your personal information.

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Stay with me now…

(5) Do not entertain unsolicited phone calls, SMS, or emails requesting for your personal information and about your bank account details. Rather resolve such sensitive issues with your bank in person. This is one of the ways you can secure your bank account.

(6) Download verified apps from credible sources such as Google play or App store: Downloading of apps from sources that are not trusted will expose you to fraudsters and cyber thieves. Also, read through such apps privacy policy, because they need access to your photos, cameras, et cetra and make sure your are okay with that. Always check the reviews about the apps you intend to download. If consumers have negative experience with such apps, it is advisable you avoid such apps. 

 (7) If security questions are requested from you, to prevent unauthorized access to your bank account: Make sure you’re the only one that knows the answer(s) to such question(s).

(8) Always sign out of your mail account properly: Do not open your mail at unsafe locations. If not cyber thieves might hacked your mail, gain unauthorized access to your personal information and reset your bank account password to enable him or her to have control.

(9) Give cyber thieves hard time by making it difficult for them to guess your PIN and PASSWORD : Part of  the ways you can secure your bank account is by using combination of figures, symbols, small and capital letters. Ensure that your internet and operating system are all up to date.

(10) Use ATM located in bank premises: Such Automated Teller Machine (ATM) are monitored by such bank security which makes it difficult for cyber thieves to install any gadgets that can enable them to steal information on users cards.

(11) When on queue don’t take out your card from your wallet, purse or pocket for a long time and hold it. A fraudster in a queue might be pretending to be using his or her smart phone and snap both sides of your card without you knowing, copy the data on the magnetic strip.

(12) Use TwoFactor Authentication (2FA): Apart from being part of the ways to protect your bank account. It add an additional authentication to your normal log-in process. Single factor authentication allows you to enter your username and password. Whereas in Two – Factor Authentication. You must also provide any of the following before you can access your account:

  • Biometric (such as a finger print or voice print).
  • It may be inform of pattern, password, or PIN (personal identification number).
  • Some thing you posses like phone, fob or ATM card.


part of the ways you can secure your bank account details are: be vigilant, avoid free things that can enable fraudsters and cyber thieves to gain access into your bank account which will make them to steal your money.







We diligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know if you find any error(s).

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