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Spermatorrhea home remedies main priority is the treatment of release of semen without erection. Spermatorrhea home remedies is aim at the treatment of disorder that happens in males without sexual activity. Spermatorrhea is defined as involuntary discharge of semen without an erection or an orgasm. Spermatorrhea occurs at night due to an erotic dream or wet dream(s). The discharge contains sperms that are part of semen which are necessary in the fertilization of female egg that may lead to pregnancy.

This article aims to analyze the meaning, causes, symptoms, what may happen if spermatorrhea is not properly treated, lifestyle changes that can assist you and spermatorrhea home remedies.

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CAUSES of Spermatorrhea

The causes of spermatorrhea include:

(1) Adverse effects from medicine.

(2) Hormonal problems.

(3) Drinking of alcohol.

(4) Depression

(5) Smoking.

(6) Abstinence from sex.

(7) Fatigue.

(8) Sleeplessness.

(9) Frequent masturbation.

(10) Weakened nervous system.

(11) Piles

(12) Weakness of digestive system.

(13) Frequent sexual intercourse and

(14) Prostrate gland congestion.

Spermatorrhea Symptoms

Spermatorrhea Home Remedies

They signs and symptoms include:

  • Problem with memory.
  • Sweating around the testicles.
  • Frequent urge to pee (urinate).
  • Back Pain or Bach ache 
  • Sweating at night.
  • High heart rate.
  • Fatigue (tiredness).
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Pain or itching around the genital area and
  • Emotional stress.

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What are the CONSEQUENCES if spermatorrhea is not properly treated?

It may lead to:

  1. Weakness.
  2. Impotence
  3. Male infertility and
  4. Oligospermia.

Want to Know the LIFESTYLE CHANGES that can assist you?

They are:

(a) Having your bath with cold water.

(b) Staying away from spicy foods.

(c) Eating foods that contains FRESH fruits and vegetables and

(d) Limiting your consumption of alcohol, if you drink.

Do consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Use natural treatments as an adjunct treatment.

Spermatorrhea Home Remedies

(1) AVOCADO (Eso pia in Yoruba; Ube oyinbo in Igbo; Piya in Hausa; Orumwu in Bini; Eban mbakara in Efik) Eat 1 Avocado daily for spermatorrhea home remedies.

(2) HENNA LEAVES (Lelle in Hausa; Laali in Yoruba; Lale in Igbo) Crush fresh leaves of Henna leaves and extract it juice. Take 2 tablespoons mix with 1 tablespoon of organic pure honey (Dorawa in Hausa; Zmanu in Igbo; Oyin igan,Oyin gidi in Yoruba)

(3) SIDA ACUTA (Broom weed in English; Isenpotu in Yoruba) Prepare tea infusion of Sida acuta plant. Drink 200 ml of the tea infusion at bedtime.

(4) YOGURT: Drink a cup of Yogurt day. This will help you put an end to involuntary discharge.

(5) MUCUNA PRURIEN SEEDS (Eso ewe ina, Eso werepe in Yoruba; Ukpo Enumaje in Idoma; Agba ohia in Igbo; Kakara in Hausa) Obtain dried Mucuna Prurien seeds. Roast them thoroughly and grind them to powder and mix the same quantity of Organic Pure Honey. Take 1 tablespoon before bedtime. It is excellent spermatorrhea home remedies.

(6) PINEAPPLE JUICE (Mbuer u butter in Tiv; Ogede oyinbo in Yoruba; Abarba in Hausa; Akwu oyinbo in Igbo; Edin ebo in Bini; Aregede in Idoma) Take a glass of Fresh natural Pineapple fruit juice daily.

(7) ALMONDS (Ofio in Yoruba; Oblonu beke in Idoma; Mbansen mbakara in Efik) Soak 4 ripe Almonds in 250 ml water overnight. In the morning remove the flesh of the soaked Almonds fruits. Crush them to paste. Put them in 200 ml lukewarm milk. Stir them thoroughly and drink on an empty stomach before breakfast for spermatorrhea home remedies.

(8) Obtain the leaves of Cassia Alata / Senna Alata (Asunrun oyinbo in Yoruba; Ogalu in Igbo), Leaves and Roots of Senna Podocarpa (Asunrin, Asunwon in Yoruba; Ogala Ogelu in Igbo), Roots of Glyphea brevis (Atorin in Yoruba; Aloanyansi in Igbo), Allium ascallonicum (leafy onions in English; Alubosa Elewe in Yoruba; Albasa mai Lawashi in Hausa), add little Potash (Kahun in Yoruba; Kanwa in Hausa). Put all mentioned items in a pot fill with water and allow to soak for 3 days. After that drink 150 ml of the decoction two times a day. Take for 3 day and stop.

(9) ACACIA NILOTICA (Bargaruwa in Hausa; Booni in Yoruba) Dry the seedless pods of Acacia Nilotica in the shade. Grind them to powder. Mix with the same quantity of Organic pure honey. Take 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach in the morning for spermatorrhea home remedies.






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