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What you must know about guard dogs focuses on how you can make informed choices about the dog that can suit your family. What you must know about guard dogs is aim at guiding you in getting a guard dog that will suit your lifestyle.  Due to insecurity and for personal reasons, people feel the need for protection, for themselves, and their family. While some people want to secure their business and properties from intruders. If you want to secure yourself, your loved ones and your properties, having a security will be beneficial as well as grown and well trained guard or protection dog that can scare away any potential criminal. People also buy or adopt dog(s) to be companion, friend of the family that is loyal and playful.

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This article will enable YOU to know:

  1. The difference between a guard dogs and a protection dogs.
  2. Types of dogs that can be use as guard dog s.
  3. What you must know about guard dogs training.
  4. Advantages of training your guard dogs.

Let’s take a look at what you must know about guard dogs

What are the differences between guard dogs and protection dogs?

Before you decide to buy or adopt a puppy. It is vital you know that a guard dog as the name implies will guard your property while a protection dog will protect and defend you and your family in any situation such dog feel threatening.  Protection dog are trained to protect their owners.

What You Must know About Guard Dogs

The difference between a guard dog and protection dog also lies on how they trained or conditioned. It is better you look for a professional and experienced dog trainer once you had made up your mind on what you need from your dog.

What You Must Know About Guard Dogs

Selecting a dog to be guard may not be an easy task. You most make findings on many breeds of dogs in order for you to know the kind of dog that’ll will be suitable for your family and your lifestyle. Make sure you make informed choices.

German Shepherd

In this case Rottweilers are naturally more aggressive than most dogs. German Shepherd are used by police around the world. This kind of dog is good with children. Dobermans like German Shepherd are highly intelligent. Some are Boxer, Bullmastiff, et cetra. They’re commonly used when it comes to home security.

Interestingly, these breeds responds better to training and they possesses physical presence that scares away and acts as a warning to burglars and other type of criminals. Normally any medium size or huge dog can be suitable for security. Consult a professional and experienced dog trainer, they know what to do. They will you know what you must know about guard dogs.

What Are The Levels That Guard Dogs Can Be Used?

As part part of what you must know about guard dogs, a guard dog make you and your family have a sense of security. Guard dog can be trained to operate or conditioned as:

(a) Sentry Dog: A guard dog is used as sentry that is used to guard outside of a large building and property. Such dog roam or move around without instruction from his or her owner. They’re trained to attack anybody that trespass.

(b) Alarm Dog: This is a huge dog with a loud bark that’s threatening. It gives signs whenever someone is approaching. In fact, in many cases  this kind of dog bark is enough to alert the people around and prevent intruders. When it barks, it takes no action. Good examples include: Dashshund, Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Poodle, Terrier, et cetra.

(c) Attack Dog: Guard dog are trained or conditioned not to only to attack, they kill if they’re command by their handler. Any dog that’s trained to attack, is not sociable and can’t serve as pet. Examples are: Dogo Argentina, Chow Chow, Tibetan, Mastiff, and so on. These are parts of what you must know about guard dogs.

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What are the types of guard dogs training?

When you place your dog in a professional guard dog training course, your dog will be thought how to protect, obedient, how to act in appropriate manners and control. Types of guard dog training are:

(1) Alert Training: Your dog will be taught how to alert your family and those around by barking.

(2) Attack Training: Your dog will be train on several ways of attacking intruders.

However, you may determine the appropriate training for your dog and ensure such training will make your guard dog to accept your family members. Another part of what you must know about guard dogs is that A dog with guard training will only listen to their owners and their family members. This part of what you must know about guard dogs.

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Advantages of training your guard dog?

Training your guard dog will benefit you in the protection of your home and security. Equally, guard dogs can be trained at any age, although it’s very important to train your dog when they’re young. The benefits or advantages of training your guard dog are:

(1 ) They’ll be highly intelligent :

Guard dogs have the ability to pick up voices and body languages and evaluate emotions or situations. They put the mentioned skills into use when they’re trained by professional. Again, they’re sensitive to higher pitches sounds such as glass breaking or screening tyres.

(2) They’ll respond quickly:

The right dog breed can quickly detect by sniffing out and bark if there’s need for that or snoop to know who’s around.

(3) Good for physically challenged or vulnerable person:

They are of help to people who feel threatened, depressed, physically challenged and elderlies. It keep them company, protect and assist them to get object they can’t quickly or easily get.

(4) Source of weapon

Part of what you must know about guard dogs are that Dogs are naturally blessed with protective weapons such as claws and teeth. They can bark and if such dog is very huge, it will be an added advantage. All the mentioned features makes such dog look scary and scares away intruders.

Obviously, despite the benefits of guard dog. These are what you must know about guard dogs. It can harm your guests, you must cater for it needs, dog don’t call on law enforcement operatives during attack among others. In fact, when the security of it owners is under threat a dog won’t mind to put itself in harms way and the way of the attackers or criminals standing in between it owners. When such dog protect home and properties, there’s high chances that criminals will be ward off.

Equally important, owning a guard dog comes with added responsibility. In order to ensure the safety of family members, guests and neighbors, guard dogs must be properly socialized, trained and must see their owners as the ‘pack leaders’.


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