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Female dysfunction treatment is aim educating women on problem that occur during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevent individual or couple from experiencing satisfactory sexual activity. Female sexual dysfunction main priority is knowing the underlying cause of the problem and providing solution. Female sexual dysfunction happens when a woman is not able to fully, heathly and pleasurably experience some or all of the various physical stages the body normally experience during sexual activity. These stages can be broadly thought of as the desire, the arousal and orgasm phase.

However, several women experience problems with sexual function at some point and some have difficulties throughout their lives. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any stages of life. It can happen only in certain situations or all sexual situations. Depending on the cause, female sexual dysfunction treatment focuses on sex education, counseling and treating the underlying physical or psychological conditions.

This write-up aims to analyze: symptoms of female sexual dysfunction, causes, diet and female sexual dysfunction treatment.

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This write-up will enable YOU to know:

(a) Meaning of female sexual dysfunction.

(b) Symptoms of female sexual dysfunction.

(c) causes of female sexual dysfunction.

(d) Where female erogenous zones are.

(e) Foods to eat and foods to avoid when you are battling with sexual dysfunction and

(f) female sexual dysfunction treatment.

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What Are The SYMPTOMS of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

The most common problems related to sexual dysfunction in women include:

(1) FEMALE LOW OR  LOSS OF SEXUAL DESIRE:  The affected woman mostly has no need or desire for sex unless she wish to have a baby. Lack of sex drive is likely to have biological or physical cause such as :

  • Insufficient flow of blood to the clitoris or vagina.
  • Low testosterone levels.
  • Neurological impairment (that happens after pelvic or gynaecological surgery) or
  • May be a consequences of organic disease or high blood pressure.

(2) FEMALE SEXUAL AROUSAL DISORDER: Female desire for sex might be intact but such female might have difficulty with arousal or maintain arousal during sexual intercourse.

(3) FEMALE ORGASMIC DISORDER (ANOGASMIA) The lack of ogasm is the delay or absence of sexual climax (orgasm). It can be caused by:

  • Sexual inhibition.
  • Inexperience.
  • Lack of sexual knowledge and

Psychological factors such as:

  • Guilt.
  • Anxiety.
  • Past sexual trauma or abuse.

Other factors contributing to female orgasmic disorder are:

  • Insufficient stimulation.
  • Certain medications and
  • Chronic diseases.

Also, many women find out they cannot climax during penile – vagina sex. If a woman has never climaxed in her adult life, we can call it orgasmic dysfunction. If she had been able to able to climax in the past, but now find it difficult or impossible, it is known as secondary orgasmic dysfunction. 

Only 10% of women easily climax. Most women are in the remaining 80 to 90 %.

(4) PAINFUL INTERCOURSE: Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) can be caused by a number of problems including:

  • Pelvic mass.
  • Ovarian cysts.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Vaginal inflammation (vaginitis).
  • Poor lubrication.
  • Presence of scar tissue from surgery and
  • Sexually transmitted disease.

A condition known as vaginismus which is a painful involuntary spasm of the muscles that surround the Vaginal entrance.

(5) INHIBITED SEXUAL DESIRE: It means loss of sexual “spark” , little desire to initiate sex.  The following factors may be responsible which include:

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

  • Depression
  • General unhappiness in relationship.
  • Extreme tiredness.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Use of anti-depressants.
  • Psychological blocks.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Treatment (for instance, cancer and chemotherapy).
  • Stress and
  • Fatigue.

Boredom with regular sexual routines may also contribute to a lack of enthusiasm for sex, as well as lifestyle, career and care of children.

(6) HORMONES AND WOMEN SEXUAL FUNCTION: occur where there’s the decrease in the hormone estrogen that is related to ageing and menopause.

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Sexual responses involves a complex interplay of physiology, emotions, experiences, beliefs, lifestyle and relationship. Disruption of any component can impact on sexual desire, arousal or satisfaction and treatment often involves more than one approach.  CAUSES of FEMALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION ARE:


Apart from the great impact of psyche on female sexuality there are several factors believed to be number of physiological causes of female sexual dysfunction that include:

(i) Underlying inefficiency of important chemical messengers. For instance, neurotransmitters.

(ii) Hormones imbalances (oestrogen / progesterone / testosterone).

(iii) Reduced or inadequate number of sensory receptors  in the sexual tissues.

(iv) Smaller clitoral size.

(v) Sexual tissues configuration and

(vi) Feedback loop evolving from pain on intercourse (dyspareunia).


The sexual circuitry is strongly influenced by what goes in the mind and in the emotions. Sexual arousal can be compared to an electrical circuit that can be subject to breakdown at several junctions along the route to sexual fulfilment such as:

  • Depression
  • Poor body image.
  • Pain.
  • Emotional interference.
  • Distraction.
  • Work related stress and anxiety.
  • Feeling of guilt.
  • Marital or problem in relationship.
  • Concern about sexual performance.
  • Effects of a past sexual trauma.
  • Breavement.
  • Parental or religion influences and
  • Growing up in a family with strong sexual taboos.


Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

It include physical disorders of the genitalia and urinary system such as:

  • Endometriosis.
  • Cystitis
  • Vaginal dryness or vaginitis

Other conditions are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Child birth.
  • Menopause.
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism.
  • Smoking.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis)
  • High cholesterol
  • Nerve or blood vessel damage as a result of abdominal or pelvic surgery (for instance, hysterectomy) and
  • Surgical intervention of some gynealogical cancers.

Moreover, Dr. Roy Jerome Levin of Sheffield University, United Kingdom; who’s work on females sexual response spans 30 years suggests that several times women suffer sexually because they are simply not being stimulated sufficiently or efficiently or effectively by their partner :

  • Lack of awearness of the anatomy of the female genital anatomy by both partners.
  • Ignorance of what take place during arousal and
  • Lack of knowledge of where the important sexually arousal zones are positioned.

And for several women sexual satisfaction include:

  • Affection.
  • Communication with their partner and
  • Sensual touching

Women also consider:

  • Attraction.
  • Passion.
  • Trust.
  • Intimacy as more vital than their genital response.

Some women find out that certain problems can easily put them off sex and cause them to lose their sex desire.

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Do You Know Where Your Erogenous Zones Are?

To help with being able to climax, it is important for a woman to know where her erogenous zones are. She should communicate about them with her partner. Various parts of the women body respond to touch and stimulation such as face, neck and lips.

A woman most sensitive erogenous zones are:

  • Clitoris.
  • “G – spot”.
  • The part of the anterior part of the lower vaginal.
  • Breast and “Clit Gva” and
  • The vaginal.

Women who have been able to climax in the past without having problem but are, having trouble need MEDICAL EVALUATION.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment: DIETS

Studies shows that eating certain types of foods might play greater role in a woman’s sexual health and can have positive impact on the conditions she may be suffering from in the bedroom. The foods or diets are:

(a) Eat omega-3 fatty acids rich foods

(b) Eat fresh leafy green vegetables and fruits

(c) Eat zinc rich foods in moderation.

(d) Consume magnesium rich foods.

(e) Vitamin E rich foods.

(f) Eat fibre rich foods

(g) Eat calcium rich foods.

(h) Drink lot amount of water your body can take.

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Foods YOU must Avoid : Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Certain diet can increase the risk of women suffering from sexual dysfunction. Avoidance or limiting your consumption of these foods will enable proper blood to flow to your genitals, reduces your chances of common vascular problem that occur due to high cholesterol, high blood sugar (diabetes), high triglycerides levels and obesity.

  • Let the salt you in your diet be moderate.
  • Avoid or limit consumption of red meat, rather go for lean meats such as fish, chicken, turkey.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Too much consumption of alcohol is good for your health.
  • Avoid caffeine.
  • Stay clear of processed foods, fried foods and foods high in unhealthy fats.
  • Limit or avoid intake of fat diary, sugary foods, or drinks.

In addition, eliminate stress to boost your sexual function and desire. Sleep for 8 hours every night. Exercise your body to enable your central nervous system to secrete endorphins, promoting happiness and better sexual health. Also, make sure you bridge the emotional gap between you and your partner by strengthening communication, which is perhaps the most significant factor in a couple’s sexual relationship.

Moreover, people do not think about what needs to occur to go from arousal to a satisfactory orgasm. Your mind have to be clear, remain focused, your nerves sensitive and then blood needs to flow to all the appropriate places. When it comes to sex, there’s mental, emotional, and physical angle and unfortunately various problems can cause hindrance. Again, test must be carried out on the sufferer to know the problem(s) before commencing treatments. It is vital to let a sex therapist know what you are going through.

This article is not meant to be a substitute to where the services of medical professional or sex therapist is urgently needed.


(1) DAMIANA: It is essential for circulation of blood, especially to the private parts. It reduces dryness of vaginal and increase female sexual desire. Add a teaspoon of dried Damiana powder in a cup of 300 ml hot water. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes. Strain and drink when it is cool. Drink two times a day for 14 days. Then reduce it to one in every 3 days for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(2) Pumpkin (Elegede in Yoruba; Ukpo ape in Idoma; Kabewa in Hausa) The tastiest way you can enjoy Pumpkin Seeds is to eat them plain after removing them from it shell and without adding salt.

Pumpkin Seeds

OR: You can also crush fresh seeds of Pumpkin. Soak 2 tablespoons of it in a cup of 250 ml hot water. When it is cool, strain and drink and eat the crushed pumpkin seeds also. Do it once a day for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(3) GARLIC (Tafarnuwa in Hausa; Alubosa ayu in Yoruba; Ayo Ishi in Igbo) Chew 2 fresh pods of Garlic 2 times a day with water.

(4) GINGER(Atale in Yoruba; Jinja in Urhobo and Igbo; Chitta in Hausa) It improves the circulation of blood to different part of the female body and excited the female senses. Put half tablespoon of Ginger in 200 ml cup of  hot water. Stir it thoroughly. Strain and drink when it cool down. Do it two times a day. You may also add Ginger in your diet.

(5) WATERMELON (Kankanna in Hausa; Anyu in Igbo) It contains phytonutrients known as citrulline that relaxes blood vessels and improves blood circulation around the genitals. Eat Watermelon every day together with it seeds.


If you are diabetic avoid watermelon pulp because it contains diuretic properties. You can consume the seeds. Do not drink water after an hour of eating watermelon to prevent diarrhea.

(6) POMEGRANATE : Eating and drinking pomegranate juice boost libido by increasing testosterone levels in women and reduce female sexual dysfunction symptoms.

(7) ORANGE (Osan didun in Yoruba; Oroma in Igbo; Lemu in Hausa; Sokoro in Efik; Alemu in Idoma) They contains antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties that purify your blood and the circulation of blood. Drink a glass of fresh squeeze Orange juice two times a day.

Or: Take 4 fresh Oranges balls two times a day for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(8) Dark Chocolate: It can increase attraction between two people by releasing endorphins that are secreted during sex and it also enhances flow of blood. Eat a small bar of chocolate once a day.

(9) CELERY ROOTS: It contains vitamin E, potassium, zinc, arginine, niacin and magnesium that are vital for optimum sex. It also increases blood flow to the female genital. Include Celery in your diet for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(10) GINGER ESSENTIAL OIL : Add 12 drops of Ginger Essential Oil to 3 tablespoons of carrier oil (it may be either coconut oil or olive oil). Blend them together thoroughly. Gently massage your body with the oil for 5 minutes. Leave it on your body for 15 to 20 minutes and then take a shower. Do it twice daily for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(11) WHITE ONION (Albasa fari in Hausa; Yabasi Ocha in Igbo; Alubosa Funfun in Yoruba) Mix 1 tablespoon of White onion juice with 1 tablespoon of organic pure honey (Zmanu in Igbo; Dorawa in Hausa; Oyin igan, Oyin gidi in Yoruba) and 1 pinch of Cayenne Pepper (Ata ijosin, Afriremon, Ilufemi, ijeye in Yoruba; Barkono in Hausa; Isie in Benin; Usira in Esan; Apoko eeke in Idoma) Do it two times a day for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(12) MORINGA OLEIFERA (Moringa, Drumstick in English; Okwe beke, Okwe olu, Okwe oyinbo, Uhe, Okughara ite in Igbo; Ewe ile, Idagbo monoye, Ewe igbale in Yoruba; Bargaruwa masar, Barambo, Koraukin zaila, Shipka hali, Shura halinka, Rimi nacara, Rimi turawa, Zogala-gandi Zogala in Hausa; Gawara, Habiwa Hausa, Konamarade Rini maka in Fulani) Boil 9 Moringa Oleifera flowers petals in 300 ml water for 7 minutes. Strain and drink when it is cool. Do it once a day for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(13) WALNUTS (Geda Yoruba in Hausa; Asala, Awusa in Yoruba; Ukpa in Igbo; Okwe, Okhue in Bini) Walnuts are loaded with beneficial compounds such as L-ARGININE, alpha lipoic, acid (ALA) and vitamin E that stimulate nitric oxide production.  Eat 5 Walnuts per day with 1 tablespoon of organic pure honey.

(14) CAYENNE PEPPER (Barkono in Hausa; Isie in Benin; Usira in Esan, Ose oyinbo in Igbo; Ata ijosin, Afriremon, Ilufemi, ijeye in Yoruba) It increases flow of blood to the sensitive parts of your body and genital. Add this pepper in your diet for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(15) CLOVES (Kanafuru in Yoruba; Kanumfari in Hausa) It is a potent aphrodisiac because it increases sex drive and the circulation of blood in sexual organs. Consume 2 pieces of Cloves daily for female sexual dysfunction treatment.

(16) Take 1/4 tablespoon of TURMERIC  (Atale pupa in Yoruba; Kurkur in Hausa; Iblue in Urhobo; Gigir in Tiv; Nwandumo, Ohuboboch in Igbo) with 1 tablespoon of Organic Pure Honey with 2 fresh Garlic pods. Do it once a day.











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