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Hotel safety tips aim at securing your stay in a hotel. Hotel safety tips will help you to know what you should do before lodging in a hotel. Hotel safety tips will help you to know that you have greater role to play in your security while you stay in a hotel. The hotel hospitality industry provide different accomodations such as class hotels, luxurious suites, lodges and so on, that suits people from various walks of life. Whenever you travels, safety and accommodation are very essential which is what hotel safety tips are meant for. While several business travels and vacations went well, hotel safety and security should be your priority as a traveller. When you’re staying in a hotel, you’re at risk of forgetting your items, being asked to evacuate your building as a result of emergency, having your properties stolen from your allocated room, and so on. During the period of your stay in a hotel,you must take some precautions.

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Here are what you’ll gain; you’ll know:

  • How you can conduct your research and the steps you must follow before you lodge in a hotel.
  • How you can protect yourself and your belongings while you stay in a hotel.


(1) Conduct Your Safety Research:  Safety security vary according to location, kind of travel, et cetra. Ask people you know in such area, enquire from global security expert, set Google Alert to get you informed about the latest happenings in such an area. Tools like Google Maps or Map Quest will be of great help that will help to easily get your location.

(2) Book Online: Online booking will  save your time when you get to the hotel. When you get there, you will provide little information about yourself over the counter where other people might be listening to your conversation.

Also, if possible do not be gender specific when you’re reserving for a room online. Only give your first initial and not your last name. Following this hotel safety tip will help you a lot.

(3) Upon Arrival: Keep your luggage with you. Make sure you’re are not distracted and turn not your back on your luggage. When having conversation with the front desk staff, place your luggage between you and the desk employee. Why is that? So that thieves will not take advantage of your distraction to steal your luggage.

(4) CheckIn: When you are checking in, write down your name and telephone number. Hand it over to the desk staff with a print – out of your reservation, a photocopy of your passport and your credit card to swipe. Make sure it is your CREDIT CARD that is returned to YOU. Again, if your personal information or your name is mentioned out loud tell them to change your room immediately. You ask me why? Because some people with bad intentions might be listening or eavesdropping on your conversation.

Request for two business cards and make sure it is the hotel name, address and phone number that are printed on it. Once you drop your bag in your allocated room, just take a walk to find out your nearest exit in case of emergency.

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(5) Request for a Room:

Hotel Safety Tips

Another hotel safety tip is that do not stay on the ground floor, because it can be access quickly by intruders and those that are not guests. Request for a room in the second, third or fourth floor so that you can quickly get out when there’s is an emergency. Avoid the top floor! 

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Having request for a request and allocated a room, do not head straight to the elevator. Depending on where you’re or if someone is coming behind you. You may even pretend as if you are searching for something. Let such person or persons go ahead of you to prevent a situation where by stalkers or attackers following will not get to your room.

Once you get to your room, place one of the business card. you’re given at the counter on the table beside the telephone and let the second card be with where ever you go. Whenever there is emergency you can call the appropriate authority and ask for assistance.

(6) Do Not Disturb: As soon as you walked in to the room allocated to you, hang “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door to prevent people from coming into your room and they will assume you’re not inside. Put the television on low volume. Check the door main lock and make sure, they are functioning perfectly and wedge to secure the door when you’re in the shower or sleeping to avoid a situation where by someone that have access to your room spare keys or key card will not attack you, when you are in the shower or rob your room when you are out. Draw all curtains closed.

Moreso, if you are using a key card to access your room, be careful. If you lose it request for a spare one from the hotel and informed the the hotel to move you out of the room to another room so that your safety won’t be compromised.

Always place your flash light or head lamp by your bed. Using 1000 – lumen Led flashlight will help you to illuminate dark area when there’s blackout and it is highly effective at blinding your attackers temporarily, thereby giving you the opportunity to escape that makes this hotel safety tip vital.

(7) Do Not Open Door to Strangers: Stranger may come pretending or claiming to be hotel staff. Before giving such person your attention, keep the door security chain engaged until you’re sure you’re not at security risk. Now, If you’re not expecting anyone, quickly call the front desk to find out who such individual is and why he or she want to enter your room.

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But wait, there’s more hotel safety tips…

(8) Secure Your Valuables: Come along with only what you need with you into your room and leave the rest behind  at home. Keep your items inside safe allocated to your room and lock them. Make sure you’re given a written receipt for your items and request about the coverage for loss of your items. However, most hotels don’t accept liability for items left in the guest room safes but will for those locked in the hotel safe.

Also, travellers must know that as part of hotel house keeping professional duties they often enter hotel rooms. In a situation like this, travellers must be prudence so that, they’ll not complete their stay with loss of their possessions.

(9) Find Hiding Places : There are many hiding spots in your allocated room that are regularly cleaned or where people cannot quickly think you can hide your valuable items. Divide or split your valuables within such spots in the hotel room. In case you lose one, there’s is chances you may not lose others.

(10) Becareful When Using The Hotel WiFi:

Many hotels provides free WiFi but the problem is that several people from outside the hotel building are also using the Wifi and this can easily compromise your personal data such as username, password, credit card numbers, and any other information about you. A high quality VPN (Virtual Private Network gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPN masks your Internet Protocol (IP) address in such a that your online actions become untraceable) will encrypts your traffic so that cyber theives won’t spot you and won’t have unauthorized access to your personal information.

(11) Set The Room:

Another hotel safety tip is that whenever you leave the room, keep the room and other items in order and tidy so that if any intruder come while you are away, you will know. Be extremely careful, when you are doing this, so that you’ll not damage something you will be force to pay for, before you’ll be allowed to leave after your stay.

(12) Personal Information Over The Phone:

Whenever you are in hotel, if your someone call your line requesting for your personal information for instance, asking to reconfirm your credit card details again. Do not give out such details. Someone might try to impersonate or pretending to be the receptionist. Rather hang up the phone or terminate the conversation. Part of hotel safety tips is that you should call the receptionist to find out what’s happening. Make sure you see the receptionist in person.

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(13) Protect Your Home While You’re Away:

Inform your neighbors’ and those that ought to know that your are not around. Use timer and motion lights. Remove all electronics from the sockets. Ensure all curtains and blinds are drawn closed. All doors and windows should be locked.

(14) When Leaving The Hotel After Your Stay: While staying in the hotel do all you can to blend in. When you leaving walk out with confidence, so that you won’t make yourself a target.


following the hotel safety tips can’t absolutely guarantee your safety when lodges in a hotel, it will reduce your chances of allowing things mentioned above from happening.






We diligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know if you find any error(s).

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