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Hotel Safety Tips for Travellers




The hotel hospitality industry provide different accomodations such as class hotels, luxurious suites, lodges and so on, that suits people from various walks of life. Whenever you travels, safety and accommodation are very essential. While several business travels and vacations went well, hotel safety and security should be your priority as a traveller. When you’re staying in a hotel, you’re at risk of forgetting your items, being asked to evacuate your building as a result of emergency, having your properties stolen from your allocated room, and so on. During the period of your stay in a hotel,you must take some precautions.



Now YOU’RE thinking:

How will this write-up benefit me?

Here are what you’ll gain; YOU’LL know:

  • How you can conduct your research and the steps you must follow before you lodge in a hotel.
  • How you can protect yourself and your belongings while you stay in a hotel.




The following are safety tips for travellers in a hotel

(1) Conduct Your Safety Research:  Safety security vary according to location, kind of travel, et cetra. Ask people you know in such area, enquire from global security expert, set Google Alert to get you informed about the latest happenings in such an area. Tools like Google Maps or Map Quest will be of great help that will help to easily get your location.

(2) Book Online: Online booking will  save your time when you get to the hotel. When you get there, you will provide little information about yourself over the counter where other people might be listening to your conversation.

Also, if possible do not be gender specific when you’re reserving for a room online. Only give your first initial and not your last name.

(3) Upon Arrival: Keep your luggage with you. Make sure you’re are not distracted and turn not your back on your luggage. When having conversation with the front desk staff, place your luggage between you and the desk employee. Why is that? So that thieves will not take advantage of your distraction to steal your luggage.


(4) CheckIn: When you are checking in, write down your name and telephone number. Hand it over to the desk staff with a print – out of your reservation, a photocopy of your passport and your credit card to swipe. Make sure it is your CREDIT CARD that is returned to YOU. Again, if your personal information or your name is mentioned out loud tell them to change your room immediately. You ask me why? Because some people with bad intentions might be listening or eavesdropping on your conversation.

Request for two business cards and make sure it is the hotel name, address and phone number that are printed on it. Once you drop your bag in your allocated room, just take a walk to find out your nearest exit in case of emergency.




Don’t stop reading because…



(5) Request for a Room:

Do not stay on the ground floor, because it can be access quickly by intruders and those that are not guests. Request for a room in the second, third or fourth floor so that you can quickly get out when there’s is an emergency. Avoid the top floor!

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Having request for a request and allocated a room, do not head straight to the elevator. Depending on where you’re or if someone is coming behind you. You may even pretend as if you are searching for something. Let such person or persons go ahead of you to prevent a situation where by stalkers or attackers following will not get to your room.

Once you get to your room, place one of the business card. you’re given at the counter on the table beside the telephone and let the second card be with where ever you go. Whenever there is emergency you can call the appropriate authority and ask for assistance.


(6) Do Not Disturb: As soon as you walked in to the room allocated to you, hang “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door to prevent people from coming into your room and they will assume you’re not inside. Put the television on low volume. Check the door main lock and make sure, they are functioning perfectly and wedge to secure the door when you’re in the shower or sleeping to avoid a situation where by someone that have access to your room spare keys or key card will not attack you, when you are in the shower or rob your room when you are out. Draw all curtains closed.



Moreso, if you are using a key card to access your room, be careful. If you lose it request for a spare one from the hotel and informed the the hotel to move you out of the room to another room so that your safety won’t be compromised.


Always place your flash light or head lamp by your bed. Using 1000 – lumen Led flashlight will help you to illuminate dark area when there’s blackout and it is highly effective at blinding your attackers temporarily, thereby giving you the opportunity to escape.

(7) Do Not Open Door to Strangers: Stranger may come pretending or claiming to be hotel staff. Before giving such person your attention, keep the door security chain engaged until you’re sure you’re not at security risk. Now, If you’re not expecting anyone, quickly call the front desk to find out who such individual is and why he or she want to enter your room.

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But wait, there’s more…





(8) Secure Your Valuables: Come along with only what you need with you into your room and leave the rest behind  at home. Keep your items inside safe allocated to your room and lock them. Make sure you’re given a written receipt for your items and request about the coverage for loss of your items. However, most hotels don’t accept liability for items left in the guest room safes but will for those locked in the hotel safe.

Also, travellers must know that as part of hotel house keeping professional duties they often enter hotel rooms. In a situation like this, travellers must be prudence so that, they’ll not complete their stay with loss of their possessions.


(9) Find Hiding Places : There are many hiding spots in your allocated room that are regularly cleaned or where people cannot quickly think you can hide your valuable items. Divide or split your valuables within such spots in the hotel room. In case you lose one, there’s is chances you may not lose others.

(10) Becareful When Using The Hotel WiFi:

Many hotels provides free WiFi but the problem is that several people from outside the hotel building are also using the Wifi and this can easily compromise your personal data such as username, password, credit card numbers, and any other information about you. A high quality VPN (Virtual Private Network gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPN masks your Internet Protocol (IP) address in such a that your online actions become untraceable) will encrypts your traffic so that cyber theives won’t spot you and won’t have unauthorized access to your personal information.


(11) Set The Room:


Whenever you leave the room, keep the room and other items in order and tidy so that if any intruder come while you are away, you will know. Be extremely careful, when you are doing this, so that you’ll not damage something you will be force to pay for before you’ll be allowed to leave after your stay.

(12) Personal Information Over The Phone:

Whenever you are in hotel, if your someone call your line requesting for your personal information for instance, asking to reconfirm your credit card details again. Do not give out such details. Someone might try to impersonate or pretending to be the receptionist. Rather hang up the phone or terminate the conversation. Call the receptionist to find out what’s happening. Make sure you see the receptionist in person.


(13) Protect Your Home While You’re Away:

Inform your neighbors’ and those that ought to know that your are not around. Use timer and motion lights. Remove all electronics from the sockets. Ensure all curtains and blinds are drawn closed. All doors and windows should be locked.


(14) When Leaving The Hotel After Your Stay: While staying in the hotel do all you can to blend in. When you leaving walk out with confidence, so that you won’t make yourself a target.




following the hotel safety tips can’t be absolute guarantee to your safety when you travels, it will reduce your chances of allowing incidents mentioned above  from happening.






We diligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know if you find any error(s).


Thank YOU for reading!




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Security Tips

How To Secure Your Car From Theft









Most motorists do not think about the prevention of car theft until it is too late. The truth is that the more costly your car, the higher the chances of getting your car stolen. If you don’t want criminal driving away your car, it is important you have the knowledge that will enable YOU to prevent something of this nature.





And now you’re thinking how does this article benefit me?


I’m here to let YOU know:

  • Where your car can be stolen and
  • How you can protect your from being stolen.



















Cars are stolen more often from places like public parking lots, cross roads by Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and petrol or gas stations. Wherever you park your car, let it safety be your priority.








If you want to protect your car from being stolen the following recommendations will assist you:





1. Park your car in a safe place and lock, even if it means trekking some distance before getting to where you are going.

2. Move or travel in a middle Lane.

3. Do not park your car in an area with poor visibility.


4. Do no stop to assist people you don’t know. If you must, it is better YOU use your discretion.

5. If you find any person moving towards you or coming from behind in any way that make you suspicious. YOU must not stop! Give yourselve enough space to maneuver your car, if it is necessary.

6. Do not leave valuable items in your car where they can be seen by everybody.

7. Do not leave your car key near your front door in your home.

8. Do not leave your car key in the ignition when you park your car.

9. Do not travel alone whenever it is dark.

10. Check inside and underneath your car before getting inside.

11. Do not leave your car running while you’re not behind the wheel so as to not invite criminals.

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13. If your car needs more time and complications to steal, the chances of targeting your car by car thieves will be less. So therefore, when your car wheels are turned towards the curb, it makes it very difficult for car thieves to maneuver your car in order to steal it when they want to steal it using a tow truck.



But that’s not all…



14. Do not park your car in an area where cars are not allowed to park. Parking in such an area make it easier for car thieves that impersonate traffic officers to towaway your car.

15. After locking your car doors and windows. Check if you leave open your car sun roof. If it is open close it.

16. For your own safety and that of your car. Always know where you’re driving towards. Stay away from areas with high crime rate. Never mind! Even if it will take you longer before getting to where you are going.

17. When you drive in traffic. Drive with the doors of your car locked and whenever you park leave enough space in front of your vehicle to allow you to quickly drive out of a tight spot.

18. Etched or ingrained your car, Vihicle Identification Number (VIN) on the mirrors, windows and light covers. The reasons for this are:

(a) to make the car less attractive to car thieves in order to make it difficult for them to sell it.

(b) to make car thieves spend more when replacing the etched or ingrained parts.

(c) it will make such car easily identifiable and

(d) enable police to quickly or easily recover such car when stolen.


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Having your car stolen is not a circumstance that anyone can be absolutely prepared for. We pray and hope such thing never occur. However, the tips mentioned above can prevent such thing from occuring.







We diligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know if you find any error(s).


Thank YOU for reading!



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Security Tips

Ways You Can Secure Your Home From Buglers





Your home is a safe haven where you and your loved ones feel at ease. Nowadays, security has become something to worry about because nobody want to acquire properties to lose them to thief or burglar. It will interest you to know that a burglar is out for one thing; to find a home that is easy break in. If your home appears to be too difficult or the risk of being caught is too much, they’ll go to other house.


While it is not easy to protect your home from professional thieves, several home burglars are carried out by inexperienced burglars. Know that you, don’t have to get an expensive home security system before you can prevent smart neighborhood thieves from breaking into your home and keep your loved ones safe and secured.


In this article I’ll be explain various and less expensive ways, you can secure your home from burglars.



These are what you stand to gain by reading this article; you’ll know:

  • inexpensive ways you can protect your home from burglars.
  • why you must secure your home and
  • how you can secure your home.



The following tips will help you to secure your home from burglars



Here are what I mean…








1. Be cautious

Do not leave notes for friends, service people and family members on the door, so as to not to fall victim of Intruders and burglars.


2. Do not leave your spare keys outside

Keeping your spare keys outside, under a welcome mat, under a planter or inside mailbox because these are the first point of call for smart neighborhood thieves and intruders. Rather wrap the keys in foil and bury it where they can be easily seen  by you, family member(s) and make sure nobody is watching whenever you’re burying it.

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3. Install srong front and back door

Having weak front and back door make it easier for burglars and thieves to break into your house. Make sure both front and back door of your house are strong built with solid core wood or metal with functional lock that makes them less prone to easy breakage whenever they are kick or hit.


4. Change your house locks and check your locks

Immediately you moved into a house someone packed out from, bought a house from someone, or lose your key(s) make sure you replace your house locks with new ones. The keys to your house might be with someone that may organize buglars or such person might come and bugle your house. Always maintain your locks. If they need oiling do so when necessary.







Keep reading…








5. Create the impression that you are at home, when you are not

You can do this by turning lights on at night and having them turn off by using timer whether you are at home or not. Make sure the light that illuminate or cover vulnerable places in your house are on constantly especially when it is dark.


6. Place warning signs at strategic places

Putting up warning signs such as “Military Zone Keep Off”, “Beware of Dogs” or “Properties Under Surveillance”. Upon seeing this sign rational burglars will have think twice mostly before breaking into your home because of fear of being caught.

Sometimes this trick may not stop burglars that are desperate but it may chill fear down the spine of some intruders giving them the impression that they are being monitored.


7. Do not hand over your house key(s) to people outside your family

If there is need for you to do otherwise make sure these are people you can trust, people you know we’ll enough or there is someone that can vouch for them or background checks had been done on them.


8. Keep away things, tools and ladders when not in use

After using tools such as axes, hammers, pry bars, screw drivers, ladder, and so on. Keep them in a place they can’t be easily found by thieves or burglars. Leaving them outside shows how careless you’re, making your home security vulnerable. They are potential weapons for burglars and thieves.



Stay with here because…



9. Lock doors and windows always

Whenever you are about to go out always lock your doors and windows in your home. If you have a home automation system, use your smart phone or computer to lock your door if you forget before leaving home.

Lock your doors and windows regardless of whether you will be away for for a long time or not. It is better to take precautions because you may not know who is monitoring your movement. Intruders may quickly come in to look around, if they discover they can’t take anything at such time. They will leave with the intention of coming back when you are not around or at night. If you are the type that sleep at night with window open, you may install window lock that allow your window to open few inches.

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10. Keep your surroundings clean

Always trim to make your surroundings clean by trimming bushes, trees and other plants to create clear view. If you won’t be around for a long period get someone to tidy your surroundings and water your plants to give the impression that you are around. Having an untidy environment send clear signal that nobody is living there for some time which may make your house to be target for burglars.


11. Every body must not know you are not around

If you are planning to travel out of town, inform only people you trust. Going to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, et cetra telling people that you are planning to travel, you’re already out of town or on vacation, make your house a target for thieves and burglars. Keep pictures and updates about your vacation till when you are back home. Be extremely careful of what you share about yourself.






I know that’s a lot to take in, but bear with me…







12. Install video cameras

A video camera can be a good deterrents, when an intruder or burglar is aware that he or she is being monitored. Install both aware that he or she is being monitored. Install both indoor and outdoor cameras inside your home, if you can afford them. Mount your cameras near vulnerable doors and windows. Do not activate the flashing light because real cameras do not have lights.

Outdoor cameras can deter burglars and thieves. While some indoors cameras are very good and versatile because they become motion detection, two-way audio and siren to scare away visitors that are not wanted. You can get notifications inform of emails, text and phone calls if sensors are triggers.


13. Close blinds, curtains and shades

Before steeping out of your home make sure all shades are closed and blind drawn shut including the ones in the bathroom and basement windows. When you do this, you makes it difficult for burglars and thieves to know if there is anything worth stealing or if your home is occupied or not.

Even when you are around make sure that, the type of the curtain you use can enable you to see the person outside while the person cannot see you.


14. Install a peephole

A peephole let you see who is on the other side of your door. Note that several doors don’t come with peephole and even if they come with such thing, they may be so tiny that you can’t see the person outside clearly. Smart intruders who understands this, hide slightly out of view or appear distorted that they are not easily recognize. You can also install a peephole in the door separating the houses from the garage to help you check without opening the door when you sense suspicious movements or sounds.

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15. Get yourself a guard dog

Before considering a guard dog as your home security make sure you have the time and the resources to cater for the dog according to it needs. Dogs deter buglars and thieves by drawing attention to their presence which burglars hate. Even a small noisy dog can be effective. Note that dogs that are trained as guard dog cannot make good pets. Obedience training and attack training are not similar. Obedience training is meant for pet dogs while attack training is appropriate for guard dogs.

Nowadays, there are increasing demand for guard dogs for home protection to scare away intruders. Guard dogs under some period of socialization and training that makes them friendly to known faces and their owners and hostile towards unfamiliar faces. Some of the breeds that can be excellent guard dog are: Rottweiler, the giant schnauzer, the German Shepherd, and so on.

If you are considering obtaining or buying yourself a guard dog, consult a guard dog trainer in your area to assist you to train your dog to become an efficient guard.





We diligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know, if you find any error(s).


Thank you for visiting!












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Security Tips

Lessons from Pasts Military Coups in Nigeria Part Three







Continued from Part Two.



Ibrahim Babangida

According to Babangida:

“When I became the President, there     were 23 of us who were the coup plotters at that time and immediately that coup was successful, I sat the 23 of us together and said: Congratulations! We made it but remember one thing, just like we took up guns and toppled a government, we also have to watch because somebody would one day want to topple us and this is because I understood the nature of the Nigerian person”.



With the support of Isreal, Babangida’s government divided National Security Organization (NSO) in to the State Security Service (SSS), and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). He commenced the plans to establish a National Guard (in addition and parallel to Brigade of Guards). He tried to regionalize the Army, Airforce and Navy by moving them to Minna, Lagos and Kano respectively. This decision was then vehemently resisted by many including General Olusegun Obasanjo (rtd).


On April 22,1990 he was surprised by middle level young officers and soldiers. Though the coup failed, he lost his ADC (Lt. Col. Usman K. Bello). The regime later created a special protection unit.


Ernest Shonekan

The Interim National Government (ING) headed by Chief Ernest Shonekan was sworn in as the Head of State, President and Chairman of the Interim National Government. Suprisingly he was not sworn in as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. This made him not to have the operational control of the Armed Forces. General Sani Abacha waited patiently until November 10, 1993 when Shonekan ING was declared illegal in a ruling at the Lagos High Court.



On November 17,1993 at about 10 am, General Sani Abacha, Oladipupo Diya and Aliyu Gusau arrived at the Presidential Villa in Abuja by truckloads of fearsome looking soldiers. These troops were under the commands of two “Lagos Group” conspirators, namely Colonel Lawal Gwadabe of the National Guard and Brigadier – General Bashir Magashi of the Brigade of Guards. Magashi was almost certainly there to make sure Gwadabe followed the Abacha script and no other. Following a ‘ private meeting’ with Chief Ernest Shonekan, he was graciously allowed to deliver a farewell speech to the nation after 82 days of controversy. He was flown to Lagos. This was how General Sani Abacha toppled Shonekan government.


Sani Abacha

When General Sani Abacha became Head of State. He established his own personal security outfits who were trained in Libya and North Korea. They consisted of  Special Bodyguards, Strike Force, et cetra that operated separately from the Brigade of Guards and maintained command structures that was independent of the Army.


Due to his fear of the Nigerian Army. The Armoured Corps were redeployed to border regions. In 1995 and 1997, Abacha foiled two coups conspiracies before he died of cardiac arrest.



Abdulsalami Abubakar

When he came to power General Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar disbanded some of Abacha’s private units but maintain the traditional Brigade of Guards together with the State Security Service (SSS), and National  Intelligence Agency (NIA) all of which were inherited by the present civilian administration.

However, it seems from the reports from newspapers that the SSS does have a major VIP security in civilian government than the past. The SSS does so part of a concentric ring that still involves the military.


Olusegun Obasanjo

After Chief Olusegun Obasanjo left office, he said he owned nobody apology  for retiring politically exposed military officers during Nigeria return to democratic rule in 1999. He made the disclosure in Abuja during the public presentation of a book titled “The First Regular Combatant”. The book was authored by  Haruna Poloma. Late Maimalari was one of the military officers killed on the night of January 15, 1966 during the coup that brought Major General Jonhson Thomas Ummunakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi to power. He was a first regular combatant of the Nigerian Army. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo paid tribute to the late Maimalari son, Abubakar  Sidiq Zakari who was a retired Lieutenant Colonel. He was one of the military officer compulsorily retired by Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999.



Chief Obasanjo said he had no apology and he explained as thus:

“It is because it is necessary to stop the sort of thing that took the life of your father prematurely that I had to take decision that all those that had tasted of power, that they should have never tasted of political offices while they were soldiers; that we should ease them out of the army so that we can have an army that will be completely free from political aberration”.


“And so far, since 1999, I think we seem to have got it right. Let us hope that we will continue to get it right and learn the right lessons that Nigeria deserves peace, unity and democracy. And may the sacrifices of the life of Brigadier Zakari Maimalari be sufficient to give this country peace, development, unity and progress”, said Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.



Nowa Omoigui: The Palace Coup of November 17, 1993 – part 2

Max Siollun: Buhari and Idiagbon: A missed Opportunity for Nigeria. – nigeria-president-obasango-cleans-up-the-military/

General Sani Abacha, Major Mustapha and I – Lt. Col. (Dr.) Ibrahim Yakasai – Shahara Reporters.

Nowa Omoigui: Preventing Coups in Nigeria Part 4.

Damola Awoyokun: Nigeria’s First Coup, Biafra; British Secret Files (Part Two) – The News.

Max Siollun : The Rollercoaster Life of Murtala Muhammed.


The end.

Back to Part One.


We deligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know. If you find any error(s).


Thank you!


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