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Tips to prevent car theft will enable you to know that prevention begins before you get out of your car. Tips to prevent your car from theft focuses on where car can be stolen. Tips to prevent car theft mainstay is to make sure you find your car where you parked it. Most motorists do not think about the prevention of car theft until it is too late. The truth is that the more costly your car, the higher the chances of getting your car stolen. If you don’t want criminal driving away your car, it is important you know the tips to prevent your car from being stolen.

And now you’re thinking how does this article benefit me?

I’m here to let YOU know:

  • Where your car can be stolen and
  • How you can protect your from theft.



Cars are stolen more often from places like public parking lots, cross roads by Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and petrol or gas stations. Whereever you park your car, let it safety be your priority.


If you want to protect your car from being stolen the following tips to prevent car theft will assist you:

Tips To Prevent Car Theft

1. Park your car in a safe place and lock, even if it means trekking some distance before getting to where you are going.

2. Move or travel in a middle Lane.

3. Do not park your car in an area with poor visibility.

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4. Do no stop to assist people you don’t know. If you must, it is better YOU use your discretion.

5. If you find any person moving towards you or coming from behind in any way that make you suspicious. YOU must not stop! Give yourselve enough space to maneuver your car, if it is necessary.

6. Do not leave valuable items in your car where they can be seen by everybody.

7. Do not leave your car key near your front door in your home.

8. Do not leave your car key in the ignition when you park your car.

9. Do not travel alone whenever it is dark.

10. Check inside and underneath your car before getting inside.

11. Another tips to prevent car theft is not leave your car running while you’re not behind the wheel so as to not invite criminals.

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13. If your car needs more time and complications to steal, the chances of targeting your car by car thieves will be less. So therefore, when your car wheels are turned towards the curb, it makes it very difficult for car thieves to maneuver your car in order to steal it when they want to steal it using a tow truck.

But that’s not all tips to prevent car theft, there’s more…

14. Do not park your car in an area where cars are not allowed to park. Parking in such an area make it easier for car thieves that impersonate traffic officers to towaway your car.

15. After locking your car doors and windows. Check if you leave open your car sun roof. If it is open close it.  These tips to prevent car theft will help you.

16. For your own safety and that of your car. Always know where you’re driving towards. Stay away from areas with high crime rate. Never mind! Even if it will take you longer before getting to where you are going.

17. When you drive in traffic. Drive with the doors of your car locked and whenever you park leave enough space in front of your vehicle to allow you to quickly drive out of a tight spot.

18. Etched or ingrained your car, Vihicle Identification Number (VIN) on the mirrors, windows and light covers . The reasons for this are:

(a) to make the car less attractive to car thieves in order to make it difficult for them to sell it.

(b) to make car thieves spend more when replacing the etched or ingrained parts.

(c) it will make such car easily identifiable and

(d) enable police to quickly or easily recover such car when stolen.

Having your car stolen is not a circumstance that anyone can be absolutely prepared for. We pray and hope such thing never occur. However, tips to prevent car theft mentioned above can prevent such thing from occuring.







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