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White tongue treatment is aim at removing the white coating from your tongue. In other words white tongue treatment will help you to clear up white patches on your tongue. “A white tongue” is defined as any area of the tongue that has a grayish white coating on it. The entire tongue may be coated or the coating may appear in the patches.

However, a healthy tongue is pink and covered with papillae, a small nodules that are on the surface of the tongue and have a rough texture. But when your tongue appears white that means food debris, dead cells and bacteria have lodged between swollen papillae. White tongue is usually harmless and only temporary but it can also be an indication of some serious conditions ranging from infection to a precancerous condition.

These are what you’ll come across in this write-up: causes, symptoms, health conditions that may result in white tongue, how it can be prevented and WHITE TONGUE TREATMENT.

Ready to get started?

This article will enable YOU to know:

  • The causes of white tongue.
  • The symptoms of white tongue.
  • Different health conditions that may cause white tongue.
  • How white tongue can be prevented.
  •  White tongue risk factors.
  • When you must consult YOUR doctor and
  • White tongue treatment.

Let’s take a look…

White Tongue Causes

White tongue may be caused by the following factors such as:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Poor oral health.
  3. Regular consumption of alcohol.
  4. Dry mouth caused by mouth breathing or sleeping with the mouth open.
  5. Illness or infection.
  6. Environmental irritants.
  7. Exposure to tobacco.
  8. Spicy foods.
  9. Congenital heart disease in adults.
  10. Reaction to medications such as antibiotics or steroids.
  11. Candida yeast infection and
  12. Irritation from sharp edges of your teeth or dental instruments rubbing against your tongue.

White Tongue Symptoms

(a) Loss of taste.

(b) Sore tongue and

(c) Tongue swelling.

But guess what I realized just in the nick of time…

Health conditions that may cause white tongue.

  • Oral lichen planus: it is an inflammatory conditions that affects the mouth, causing thick white patches of skin to appear in the mouth and tongue. This white patches may appear together with other symptoms such as ulcers or pain cheeks and gums.
  • Oral thrush : is a mouth infection that occurs due to candida yeast. People with weak immune system may develop oral thrush.
  • Syphilis : it is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) that can cause white patches to appear on the tongue and sores in the mouth if not properly treated.
  • Leokoplakia: causes thick white patches to form on the tongue and the mouth. If you smoke or chew tobacco, drink too much alcohol you can get leokoplakia that cause white patches on the inside of the cheeks, together with white gums and the tongue. Leokoplakia are some symptoms of oral cancer and it may be harmless sometime.
  • Geographic white tongue: occurs while the skin on your tongue regrows, parts of the tongue upper layer of your tongue skin is shed quickly in such a way that it leave the red areas that are often infected. It can’t be transferred to another person.

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White Tongue Risk Factors

White Tongue Treatment

Depending on what causes your tongue problem. The risk factors are:

  • Stress.
  • Tobacco smoking.
  • Consumption of alcohol.
  • Weak immune system.
  • Poor oral hygiene and
  • Viral infections.

It all boils down to this…

When to consult YOUR doctor

Most appearance of a white tongue will clear up easily, although this is not always the case. If the symptoms do not respond to basic oral care or are experienced together with other symptoms such individual should consult a doctor or a dentist. If YOUR WHITE TONGUE lasts longer than few weeks – or if you have pain or problems and talking see your Ear, Nose and Throat specialist known as an ENT.

 White tongue prevention

White tongue can be prevented by:

(a) Consulting your doctor twice in a year.

(b) Eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

(c) Avoiding tobacco products and alcohilic drinks and

(d) Brush your teeth with fluorids toothpaste two times a day and floss at least once a day.

(e) Eating different diet that contains lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will assist in white tongue treatment.

However, white tongue treatment depends on the condition that causes it. Drinking lots of water can also help you to flush out bacteria and debris from your mouth and will assist you in white tongue treatment.

This article is not meant to be a substitute to where the services of medical professional is urgently needed!

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So what the solution?

White Tongue Treatment

(1) AZADIRACHTA INDICA (Aforo oyinbo, Cassia in Yoruba; Neem in English; Dongoyaro, Bedi, Ko in Hausa; Ogwu akom in Igbo) contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that clear infectious oral pathogens from your mouth that make effective for white tongue treatment. Obtain fresh or dried NEEM LEAVES. Prepare tea decoction of the obtained leaves. When it is lukewarm swish the tea decoction around your mouth. Spit it out of your mouth after two minutes and rinse it out of  your mouth with water. Do it two times a day for white tongue treatment.

(2) ALOE VERA (Tinya in Hausa; Ebube agu in Igbo; Ahon erin in Yoruba) Cut fresh Aloe Vera leaf in to half. Extract the juice or gel. Put 1 tablespoon of the juice or Aloe Vera leaf gel in your mouth. Swish it around your mouth and spit it out after 3 minutes and rinse your mouth with water. Also take 1 tablespoon of the Aloe Vera leaf juice or gel. Do it two times a day until the white coating on your tongue had disapeared. It is very good in white tongue treatment.

(3) Boil the bark of Gentillia Chevalieri (Kirni in Hausa; Orha in Igbo; Iraa in Yoruba) Prepare tea decoction of Gentillia Chevalieri. Add 2 tablespoons of Lime juice (Ruwa lemu tsami, Kadanbuya in Hausa; Mmri ekpe nkirisi in Igbo; Omi osan wewe, Omi oronbo in Yoruba) to 150 ml of the tea decoction. Swish it around your mouth and

Spit it out of your mouth. Rinse your mouth with clean water. Drink the rest tea decoction. Do it two times a day. This combination are effective in white tongue treatment.

(4) TURMERIC (Iblue in Urhobo; Gigir in Tiv; Kurkur in Hausa; Nwadumo, Ohuboboch in Igbo; Atale pupa in Yoruba) contains antibacteria properties which hinders bacteria growth on the tongue. Put 1 tablespoon of Turmeric in 100 ml of lukewarm water and stir thoroughly. Swish the solution around your mouth. Once you’re done, spit it out. Do it two times a day for white tongue treatment.

(5)  GARLIC (Ayo ishi in Igbo, Ayuu in Igbo; Tafarnuwa in Hausa; Alubosa ayu in Yoruba) contains compound known as Allicin that aid in it fighting of microbes that causes mouth infection. Crush 3 pods of Garlics to form a paste by adding little water. Apply it on the tongue for 5 to 7 minutes and spit it out. After that rinse your mouth with water. Do it two times a day. You can also add Garlic in your diet.

(6) SEA SALT : It contains antibacterial properties that destroy bacteria and debris that causes white tongue. Add little sea salt to a tooth brush, use it to brush your teeth and tongue. Once you’re done, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.

(7)  SALT (Iyo in Yoruba; Nnu in Igbo; Oma in Idoma; Gishiri in Hausa) Apply little salt on your tongue, gently scrub the affected area with a soft tooth brush. Once you are done, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

(8) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (ACV) Add 1 tablespoon of raw or unfiltered ACV to 100 ml lukewarm water. After you had mix them thoroughly. Swish it around your mouth for 2 minutes. Spit it out of your mouth once you’re done and rinse your mouth with water. Do it once a day for white tongue treatment.

(9) BAKING SODA: It kills harmful bacteria that causes mouth infections such as streptococcus and candida. Add Lemon juice (Ruwa baba lemu in Hausa; Mmri Oroma nkirisi in Igbo; Omi osan ganyin in Yoruba) to a teaspoon of Baking Soda until it form a paste. Add the mixture to your tooth brush and  brush your tooth and mouth with it. Once you are through rinse your mouth with water. Do it once a day.

(10) COCONUT OIL (Ori kokodia in Urhobo; Mmanu Aki beke in Igbo; Mai Allayadi in Hausa; Adiagbon in Yoruba; Kuramai kwee in Tiv) before brushing your teeth. Put 1 tablespoon of Coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around your your mouth for 5 minutes. After that spit it and rinse your mouth with water. After that brush your teeth. Do it once a day for white tongue treatment.








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