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List of Nigeria Past and Present Chief of Defence Staff








The position of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) was established under the Nigeria’s 1979 constitution. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) reports to the president with administrative supervision of the Minister of  Defence.

The CDS is assisted by the other service chiefs such as:


Chief of Army Staff (COAS)


Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) and


Chief of Air Staff Staff (CAS)




These are Pasts and Present Chief of Defence Staff (CDS):


Flag of the Chief of Defence Staff




Lt. Gen. Ipoola Alani Akinrinade


Apr. 1980 – Oct. 2, 1981



Lt. Gen. Gibson Jalo


Oct. 2, 1981 – Dec. 31, 1983



Gen. Domkat Yah Bali


Jan. 1, 1984 – Jan. 10, 1990



Gen. Sani Abacha


Jan. 1, 1984 – Nov. 17, 1993



Lt. Gen. Oladipupo Donaldson Diya


Nov. 17, 1993 – Dec. 21, 1997




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Gen. Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar


Dec. 21, 1997 – June 9, 1998



Air Marshall Al-Amin Daggash

Air Force

June 9, 1998 – May 29, 1998



Admiral Ibrahim Ogohi


May 29, 1999 – June 27, 2003



Gen. Alexander Ogomudia


June 27, 2003 – June 1, 2006



Gen. Marthin Luther Agwai


June 1, 2006 – May 25, 2007



Gen. Andrew Owoye Azazi


May 25, 2007 – Aug. 20, 2008



Air Chief Marshall Paul Dike

Air Force

Aug. 20, 2008 – Sept. 8, 2010



Air Chief Marshall Oluseyi Pentirin

Air Force

Sept. 8, 2010 – Oct. 5, 2012




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Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim


Oct. 5, 2012 – Jan. 16, 2014



Chief Air Staff Marshall Alex Badeh

Air Force

Jan. 16, 2014 – Jul. 13, 2015



Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin


Jul. 13, 2015 till date





We diligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know, if you find any error(s).


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Current Affairs

List of Second Republic Governors and Their Deputies: Part Two












You’re about to find out the Second Republic President, Governors and their Deputies from October 1, 1983 to December 31,1983.



Presidential flag bearer

Running mate

Political party




Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari


Chief Alex Ekwueme

National Party of Nigeria (NPN)




Chief Obafemi Awolowo

Mallam Muhammed Kura

Unity Party of Nigeria (NPN)




























Nnamdi Azikiwe

Professor Ishaya Audu

Nigerian People’s Party (NPP)



Khalifa Hassan Yusuf

People’s Redemption Party (PRP)



Waziri Ibrahim

Mrs. Oyinbo Odinamadu

Greater Nigeria People’s Party (GNPP)



Tunji Braithwaite

Nigeria Advance Party (NAP)

**It couldn’t contest in the first election because the party wasn’t registered by FEDECO for not having grassroots support.







Keep reading because





Deputy Governor

Political Party



Anambra State

Christian Onoh

Ozoemena Onyali




Bauchi State

Abubakar Tatari Ali

Alhaji Adamu Tafawa Balewa













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Benue State

Aper Aku

Isah Odoma




Borno State

Asheik Jarma

Waba Agwama Apagan




Cross River

Donald Etibet

Fidelis Ikogo Nnang




Bendel State (now Edo)

Samuel O. Ogbemudia

Chief Ray Inije




Gongola State (now Taraba)

Alhaji Bamanga Tukur

David Barau




Imo State

Samuel Onanuka Mbakwe

Isaac Uzoigwe



Kaduna State

Lawal Kaita




Kano State

Sabo Bakin Zuwo

Wada Abubakar Kiyawa


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Kwara State

Cornelius Adebayo

Usman Abatemi



Lagos State

Lateef Kayode Jakande

Rafiu Rafiu Jafojo




Niger State

Awwal Ibrahim

Abubakar Mundi Aliyu




Plateau State

Solomon D. Lar

Aliyu Akwe Doma




Ondo State

Micheal Adekunle Ajasin

Akinwole Micheal Omoboriowo




Ogun State

Olabisi Victor Onabanjo

Olusesan Soluade




Oyo State

Victor Omololu Olunloyo

Olatunji Muhammed



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Rivers State

Melford Okilo

Frank Eke Adiele



Sokoto State

Garba Nadama




Finally, on December 31, 1983, Major General Muhammadu Buhari overthrew Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Buhari accused Shagari government of administrative incompetence and corruption. Shagari was placed under house arrest. Many cabinet members, civilian governors that served under Shagari administration were jailed. Some went on exile.



*Ikenna Oyekwelu (2014) Nigeria: Onyebuchi – Tradition of Deputy Governors Estrangement in South East- The Guardian.

*Elections in Nigeria:

*Nigerian President Elected to a Second Term – New York Times.

*August 11,1983: Nigerian President Shagari re-elected/today-history/august-11-1983-nigerian-president-shagari-re-elected



We diligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know if you find any error(s).


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Current Affairs

List of Nigeria Second Republic Governors and their Duputies







Two Federal Elections were held in the First Republic, in 1959 and 1964. On August 11, 1979 five political parties contested in the presidential election. The elections results were declared.


In this write-up I’ll be covering:

  • the Presidential flag bearers and their running mates and
  • the State Governors and their deputies.


You stand to know:

  • names of all political parties that contested elections from 1979 to 1983.
  • name of first State Governor was impeached in Nigeria and reasons.
  • name of Deputy Governor elect that could not be sworn in with his Governor elect and the reason.
  • names of State Governors and their deputies and
  • how some Deputy Governors became Governor.

























Ready to get started?





Serial numbers

Presidential flag bearers

Running mates

Political Party

Votes obtained



 Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari


Chief Alex Ekwueme

National Party of Nigeria (NPN)




Chief Obafemi Awolowo

Mr. Philip Umeadi

Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)






Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

Professor Ishaya Audu

Nigerian Peoples Party (NPP)




Alhaji Aminu Kano

Mr. Bola Ogunboh

Peoples Redemption Party (PRP)




Waziri Kolo Ibrahim

Great Nigerian Peoples Party (GNPP)


















After winning the presidential election, Alhaji Usman Aliyu Shehu Shagari who contested for President under the platform of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and his running mate (the Vice President) took their oath of office. General Olusegun Obasanjo who was the then Military Head of State handed over power willingly to Shehu Shagari. This happened on October 1,1979. This made Shagari Nigeria first Executive President.



As we cruise together, I’ll be examining the state Governor that governed from October 1, 1979 to September 30, 1983.



Serial Number



Deputy Governor

Political Party




Jim Nwobodo

Engr. Roy Umenyi




Bauchi State

Abubakar Tatari Ali

Alhaji Adamu Tafawa Balewa




Benue State

Aper Aku

Mr. Isah Odoma







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Borno State

Alhaji Muhammed Goni

Alhaji Ibrahim Anas




Cross River State

Clement Isong

Dr. Mathias Ofoboche




Bendel State (now Edo)

Ambrose Folorunsho Alli

Chief Dema Akpore




Gongola State (Now Taraba)

Alhaji Abubakar Barde

Willberforce Juta



Barde resigned his position as the State Governor due to gross misconduct levelled against him which made Juta his deputy to became the State Governor from 1982 to Oct. 1983.



Imo State

Samuel Onanuka Mbakwe

** Chief Bernard Amahala

* Chief Issac Uzoigwe




 Kaduna State

* Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa

** Abba Musa Rimi

Abba Rimi who later became Acting Governor after Balarabe impeachment.




Kano State

Muhammed Abubakar Rimi

* Ibrahim B. B. Farouk

** Abdu Dawakin Tofa





Kwara State

Abdulazeez Adamu Attah

Chief Jimoh Shittu




Lagos State

Lateef Kayode Jakande

Chief Rafiu Jafojo




Niger State

Alhaji Muhammed Awwal Ibrahim

Alhaji Idris Hassan Kpaki




Chief Solomon D. Lar

Muhammed D. Yakubu





Ondo State

Micheal Adekunle Ajasin

Akinwole Omoboriowo Micheal




Oyo State

Bola Ige

Sunday Afolabi




Rivers State

Melford Obiene Okilo


Frank Adiele Eke




Sokoto State

Muhammed Shehu Kangiwa

** Garuba Nadama



Ogun State

Olabisi Onabanjo

Olusesan Soluade








** Mr.Samuel Onanuka Mbakwe and his running mate defeated Chief Collins Obih of NPP. The governoship election tribunal removed Mr. Bernard Amahala before he could be inaugurated into office on the ground that he failed to resigned his employment in Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, prior to standing in an election as prescribed by the law. Despite the efforts of NPP to liquidate NPN victory as a result of this singular mistake. The tribunal maintained that the act of the Deputy Governor elect or his election doesn’t affect the Governor elect. However, Mr. Bernard Amahala was replaced with Chief Issac Uzoigwe.



**Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi in May 1983 fell out with his mentor, Mallam Aminu Kano. Rimi decamped from PRP to NPP in his bid to prepare himself for the 1983 election. He resigned from his position because Federal Electoral Commission (FEDECO) that was Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) precursor rules stated that he must do so before contesting in another party platform. Immediately, after his resignation, he was replaced by DAWAKIN TOFA (his Deputy Governor).



Want to know the first State Governor was impeached in Nigeria and how?





Ride with and you’ll read it yourself…


Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa was elected as Kaduna State Governor under the platform of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), a political party founded by Mallam Aminu Kano. National Party of Nigeria (NPN) that was the then rulling party unsuccessfully challenged his election.

Initially, his political party was a member of the PPP Alliance that was formed in opposition to the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) but withdrew quitely.  As a governor Balarabe Musa was stalemated by the then Kaduna State House of Assembly that was controlled by the NPN members.

Due to this, he couldn’t form a cabinet. Since he refused to nominate NPN members, the State House of Assembly refused to ratify his candidates. On June 1981 he made history as the first State Governor to be impeached in Nigeria. He was impeached by the then Kaduna State House of Assembly.


**Garba Nadama became the State Governor of Sokoto from January 1982 to October 1983 after Shehu Kangiwa death due to polo accident.




We deligently research and continuesly update our information. Please let us know if you find any error(s).


Thank you for visiting!


























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Current Affairs

List of States House of Assembly in Nigeria from 2019 to 2023 Part 2








Continue from Part One




Ekiti State26 Seats


1. Lucas Oluwatoyin Felix, Ado 1, APC.

2. Balogun Adegoke Ayobami, Ado 2, APC.

3. Olajide Adegoke Ayobami, Efon, APC.

4. Ayokunle Yemisi, Ekiti South West 1, APC.

5. Olatunji Joseph, Ekiti South West 2, APC.

6. Akingbolu Tajudeen, Ekiti West 1, APC.

7. Olubunmi Rachael Adelugba, Emure, APC.

8. Okuyiga Eyitayo Adeyemi, Gbonyin, APC.

9. Fawekun Abiodun Babatunde, Ido Osi 1, APC.

10. Akinnoso Emman, Ido Osi 2, APC.

11. Ojo Martins Ademola, Ijero, APC.

12. Funmilayo Ebenezer, Okere 1, APC.

13. Babatunde Lawrence Idowu, Ikere 2, APC.

14. Olugboyega Aribisogan Matthew, Ikole 1, APC.

15. Adeoye Stephen Aribasoye, Ikole 2, APC.

16. Ogunleye Olutope, Ikole 2, APC.

17. Akindele Femi Olanrewaju, Irepodun/Ifelodun 1, APC.

18. Ajayi Ayodeji Moses, Ise / Orun, APC.

19. Adeyemi Raphael Ajibade, Moba 1, APC.

20. Aruba Micheal Kola, Moba 2, APC.

21. Awoyemi Oluwaseun Reuben, Oye 1, APC.

22. Ogunyemi Olatunji Abraham, Oye 2, APC.



Enugu State24 Seats

1. Edward Uchenna, Ubosi-East

2. Uche Ugwu, Udi North

3. Dons Uzogbado Oji River

4. Melitus Ikechukwu Ezeugwu, Udenu

5. Mrs. Mary Oyinye, Enugu South Rural

6. Jane Eneh, Agwu North

7. Bethel Oyibo Ugwuanyi

8. Paul Nnajiofor, Nkanu West



Gombe State24 Seats

1. Sidiq Abubakar Ibrahim, Yamaltu West.

2. Shuaibu Adamu Haruna, Kwami East.

3. Markus Samuel, Pero Chonge.

4. Sadam Bello Sale, Funakaye North.

5. Musa Buba, Balanga North.

6. Yahaya Mohammed Kakka, Akko North.


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7. A. Ahmadu, Nafada North.

8. Rambi Ibrahim Ayala, Billiri East.

9. Tukfutuk Memil Kardi.

10. Mrs. Asama’u M. Iganus, Shongon.

11. Mrs. Rabi Daniel, Billiri East.

12. Adamu Saleh Pateh, Yamaltu East.





Imo State27 Seats


1.Obinna Eddy, Aboh Mbaise, PDP.

2. Otuibe Samuel, Ahaizu Mbaise, PDP.

3. Duruji Lawrence, Ehime Mbano, AA.

4. Anyadike Nwosu, Ezinihitte Mbaise, PDP.

5. Duru Iheonukara, Ideato South, AA.

6. Njoku Onyemachi, Ihitte Uboma, APGA.

7. Collins Osuji, Isiala Mbano, APGA.

8. Onyekama Okechukwu, Mbaitoli, PDP.

9. Onwudiwa Uju Jovita, Njaba, AA.

10. Obinna Okwara, Nkwerre, AA.

11. Iwuanyanwu Chyna, Nwangele, APGA.

12. Kennedy Ibe, Obowo, AA.

13. Cyriacus Okoro, Ohaji Egbema, AA.

14. Ogbunikpa Samuel, Okigwe, APGA.

15. Paul Emeziem, Onuimo, APGA.

16. Ekene Predoline, Orsu, APGA.

17. Nwaneri Chigozie, Oru East, PDP.

18. Dominic Ezerioha, Oru West, PDP.

19. Anukam Solomon, Owerri Municipal, PDP.

20. Philip Ejiogu, Owerri North, PDP.

21. Kanayo Onyemachi, Owerri West, PDP.

22. Egwin Innocent, Ideato North, AA.

23. Uche Ugbuagu, Ikeduru, PDP.

24. Ngozi Obiefule, Isu, AA.

25. Okereke Tochi. S, Ngor Okpalla, PDP.

26. Paschal Okolie, Orlu, PDP.

27. Frank Ugboma, Oguta, PDP.



Jigawa State29 seats

1. Ibrahim Kadeta, APC.

2. Sale Baba, APC.

3. Suleiman Kadira, APC.

4. Aminu Zakari, APC.

5. Usman Isah, APC.

6. Bada Gada, APC.

7. Aliyu Aliyu, APC.

8. Sani Isiyaku, APC.

9. Ishaq Sani, APC.

10. Yusif Balangu, APC.

11. Dayyabu Shehu, APC.

12. Abubakar Muhammed, APC.

13. Sani Sale, APC.

14. Kais Abdullahi, APC.



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15. Musa Dutse, APC.

16. Aminu Sankara, APC.

17. Isah Idris, Gwaram, APC.

18. Shuaibu Inuwa, Fagam, APC.

19. Kabiru Isah, Babura, APC.



20. Sule Tankarkar, APC.

21. Hassan Alto-Roni, APC.

22. Habu Muhammed, APC.

23. Adamu Babanbare, APC.

24. Hussaini Kirya, APC.

25. Idris Kareka, APC.

26. Abdulrahman Akassim, APC.

27. Yahaya Mohammed, APC.

28. Haruna Dangyatin, APC.

29. Mohammed Garba, APC.


Kaduna State34 Seats

1. Ali Kalat, Jema’a.

2. Yusuf Zailani.

3. Mukhtar Isa Hazo.

4. Isaac Auta, Laura.

5. Liman Dahiru, Makera.

6. Yusuf Mugu.

7. Suleiman Dabo, Zaria City.

8. Aminu Ahmed, Markafi, APC.

9. Bala Tagagi, Kakangi, APC.

10. Monday Dikko, Jabba.

11. Mrs. Comfort Amwe, Sanga.

12. Ishaku Chawazza, Chikun.

13. Salisu Bala, Igabi East, APC.

14. Tamimu Musa, Kachia.

15. Shehu Inusa, Kubau.

16. Faisal Abbas, Kudan.

17. Kantoik Bako, Zonkwa.

18. Rilwan Gadagau, Giwa West, APC.

19. Yusuf Ibrahim Labo, Giwa East, APC.

20. Nuru Goro Shada, Lafiya/Kagarko.



Kano State40 Seats

1. Abdul’aziz Garba Gafasa, Ajingi, APC.

2. Sanusi Usman Bataiy, Albasu, APC

3. Ali Ibrahim Isah Shanono, Bagwai/Shanono, APC.

4. Abubakar Uba Galadima, Babeji, APC.

5. Lawal Shehu, Bichi, APC.

6. Muhammed Uba Gurjiya, Bichi, APC.

7. Lawal Husain, Dala, PDP.

8. Murtala Musa, Kore, Dambatta, APC.

9. Ibrahim M. Dawakiji, Dawakin Tofa, APC.

10. Saleh Ahmad, Marke, Dawakin Tofa, APC.

11. Salisu Ibrahim Muhammad, Dambatta, APC.

12. Muhammed Dan’azumi, Gabasawa, APC.

13. Abba Ibrahim, Garko, APC.

14. Abubakar Danladi Isah, Gaya, APC.

15. Isyaku Ali Danja, Gezawa, PDP.

16. Yusuf Babangida Suleiman, Dambatta, PDP.

17. Yunusa Haruna Kayyu, Dambatta, APC.

18. Ayuba Labaran Alhassan, Kabo, APC.

19. Salisu Maje Ahmad, Gwangwazo, Dambatta, PDP.

20. Nasiru Dutsen Amare, Kabo, APC.

21. Garba Shehu Fammar, Kibiya, PDP.

22. Kabiru Hassan Dashi, Kiru, APC.

23. Mudassir Ibrahim, Kumbotso, PDP.

24. Garba Ya’u Gwarmai, Kunchi/Tsanyawa, APC.

25. Hayya Musa Dorawar Sallau, Kura/Garun Malam, APC.

26. Kabiru Yusuf Ismail, Kura/Garun Mallam, APC.

27. Hamisu Ibrahim Chidari, Makoda, APC.

28. Tasi’u Ibrahim Zabainawa, Minjibir, APC.

29. Umar Musa Gama, Nassarawa, PDP.

30. Nurudeen Alhassan Ahmad, Rano, APC.

31. Muhammed Bello Butu butu, Rimin Gado/Tofa, APC.

32. Jibrin Isma’il Falgore, Rogo, APC.

33. Zubairu Hamza Masu, Sumaila, APC.

34. Musa Ali Kachako, Takai, APC.

35. Lawal Rabi’u, Tarauni, APC.

36. Abdullahi Iliyabu Yarasa, Tudun Wada, APC.

37. Aminu Sa’ad, Ungoggo, PDP.

38. Labaran Abdul Madari, Warwa, APC.

39. Nuhu Abdullahi Achika, APC.

40. Tukur Muhammed Fagge, PDP.



Katsina State34 Seats

1. Aliyu Sabi’u Muduru, Mani, APC.

2. Shamsudeen Dabai, Danja, APC.

3. Tasi’u Maigiri, Zango, PDP.

4. Tukur Shagumba, Batagarawa, APC.

5. Dalhatu Shehu Tafoki, Faskari, APC.

6. Mustapha Sani Bello, Mashi, APC.

7. Muhammed Kwamanda, Dutsin-ma, APC.

8. Abdul Jalal Runka, Safana, APC.

9. Musa Nuhu Gafiya, Kaita, APC.


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10. Nasir Yahya, Daura, APC.

11. Abubakar Suleiman Tunas, Ingawa, APC.

12. Mustapha Rabe Musa, Maidua, APC.

13. Lawal H. Yaro, Musawa, APC.

14. Aminu Ibrahim Saeed, Malumfashi, APC.

15. Sani Lawal, Baure, APC.

16. Abubakar Muhammed Total, Funtua, APC.

17. Abubakar Suleiman, Rimi, APC.

18. Hamza Rimaye, Kankia, APC.


19. Ya’u Garba, Kankara, APC.

20. Lawal Isa Kuraye, Charanchi, APC.

21. Haruna Aliyu Yamel, Dutsi, APC.

22. Abubakar Muhammed, Funtua, APC.

23. Ali Abu Albaba, Katsina, APC.


Kebbi State34 Seats

1. Faruku Aliyu, Nassarawa-Jega.

2. Abdulmumin Samaila Kamba.

3. Umar Altine-Suru, Suru.



Kogi State25 Seats

1. Matthew Kolawole, Kabba-Burnu

2. Ahmed Muhammed,Akpa  1

3. Bello Balogu Abdullahi, Ajaokuta

4. Ndakwo Idris, Lokoja 2

5. Mukhtar Bajeh, Okehi

6. Ododo Moses Edoko, Dekina Biraidu



Kwara State24 Seats


1. Wahab Opakunle, Afon, APC.

2. Ambali Ibrahim, Owode/Onire, APC.

3. Saliu Yakubu, Ilesha Gwanara, APC.

4. Mohammed Saliu, Okuta/Yashikira, APC.

5. Ndanusa Mohammed, Edu, APC.

6. Adam Ahmed Rufai , Patigi, APC. He became Honourable after the death of Ahmed Seidu Rufai.

7. Abolarin G.G., Ekiti, APC.

8. Adetiba Olarewaju, Oke Ero, APC.

9. Salawu Folabi Ganiyu, Omupo, APC.

10. Owolabi Rasaz, Share/ Oke-Ode, APC.

11. Jimoh Ali Yusuf, Ilorin East, APC.

12. Olawoyin Abubakar, Mogajin gari, APC.

13. Abdulgafar Ayinla, Ilorin North,APC.

14. Awodiji Felix, Irepodun, APC.

15. Awolola Olumide, Isin, APC.

16. Ahmed Baba, Banni/Adena, APC.

17. Abdullahi Dan Baba, Kaima/Kamanji, Wajibe, APC.



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18. Bello John, Lanwa/Ejidongari, APC.

19. Babatunde Abdulkareem, Ipaye/Malete/Oloru,APC.

20. Saheed Popoola, Ojomu/Balogun, APC.

21. Adeniran Mariam Joy, Sawo/Essa/Igbodun, APC.

22. Ojo Oyebode, Odo-Ogun, APC.

23. Yusuf Musa,Oke Ogun, APC.

24. Abdulraheem Agboola, Ilorin South, PDP became Honourable when Suleiman Abdulsalam, APC was removed by Court judgement.


Lagos State40 Seats


1. Obasa Mudashiru, Agege 1.

2. Ogundiran Olayinka, Agage 2.

3. Olumon Lukmon, Ajeromi/Ifelodun 1.

4. Olatunji Fatai, Ajeromi/ Ifelodun 2.

5. Yusuf Adebisi, Alimosho 1.

6. Kehinde Joseph, Alimosho 2.

7. Mojishola Alli Maucaulay, Amuwo Odofin 1.

8. Rauf Olawale, Amuwo Odofin 2.

9. Mojisola Meranda, Apapa 1.

10. Olumuyiwa Jimoh, Apapa 2.

11. Ibrahim Olarewaju, Badagry 1.

12. Setonji David, Badagry 2.

13. Mustairu Abiodun, Epe 1.

14. Ogunkelu Sylvester, Epe 2.

15. Adams Babatunde, Eti Osa 1.

16. Yishawu Gbolahan, Eti Osa 2.

17. Mojeed Adebola, Ibeju Lekki 1.

18. Kazeem Raheem, Ibeju Lekki 2.

19. Adewale Temitope, Ifako Ijaye 1.

20. Makinde Rasheed, Ifako Ijaye 2.


21. Folajimi Muhammed, Ikeja 1.

22. Adedamola Kasumu, Ikeja 2.

23. Sanni Babatunde, Kosofe 1.

24. Olatunde Braimoh, Kosofe 2.

25. Agunbiade Sanai, Ikorodu 1.

26. Solaja-Saka Nurudeen Ikorodu 2.

27. Ibrahim Olatunbosun, Lagos Mainland 1.

28. Moshood Olarenwaju, Lagos Mainland 2.

29. Akinsanya Nureni, Mushin 1.

30. Saburi Olawale, Mushin 2.

31. Victor Akande, Ojo 1.

32. Tijani Suraju, Ojo 2.

33. Sokunwe Hakeem, Oshodi/Isolo 1.

34. Idumogu Emeka, Oshodi/Isolo 2.

35. Desmond Elloit, Surulere 1.

36. Sangodara Mosunmola, Surulere 2.

37. Oluwarotimi Emmanuel, Somolu 1.

38. Olarenwaju Afinni, Lagos Island 2.

39. Wasiu Eshilokun Sanni, Ikorodu 1.

40. Lateef R. Abiru, Shomolu 2.




Nassarawa State24 Seats

1. Ibrahim B. Abdullahi, Toto Ugya/Umaisha, APC.

2. Tsentse N. Dandaura, Akwanga North, APC.

3. Tsene Sam, Akwanga South, PDP.

4. Tanko Tunga, Awe North, APC.

5. Suleiman Yakubu, Awe South, APC.

6. Salihu Iyimoga, Doma North, ZLP.

7. John Osewu, Doma South, PDP.

8. Mohammed Omedefu, Keana Keana, APC.

9. David Maiyaki, Gitata/Karu,PDP.

10. Mohammed Bello Bawa, Karu/Uke/Karshi, APC.



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11. Ali I. Nana, Keffi West, APC.

12. Abdullahi S. K., Keffi West, APC.

13. Danladi Jatau, Kokona West, APC.

14. Daniel Oga Ogazi, Kokona East, APC.

15. Mohammed Alkali, Lafia North, APC.

16. Abdullahi Angibi, Lafia North Central, APC.


17. Ibrahim Peter Akwe, Obi 1, PDP.

18. Luka Iliya Zhekaba, Obi 2, PDP.

19. Adamu I. Suleiman, Nassarawa Central, APC.

20. Mohammed Okpoku, Udege/Loko, APC.

21. Abel Bala, Nassarawa Egon West, PDP.

22. Ibrahim Muhammad A. Muluku, Nassarawa Egon East, APC.

23. Shafa Usman L. Toto/Gadabuke, APC.

24. Aliyu Dogara, Wamba, APC.


Niger State27 Seats



1. Ahmed Marafa, Chanchaga, APC.

2. Mohammed Bashir Lokogoma, Wushishi, APC.

3. Hussaini Ibrahim, Again, APC.

4. Isah Ibrahim, Pajau, APC.

5. Musa Alhaji Sule, Katcha, APC.

6. Mohammed Abba Bala, Borgu



Ogun State26 Seats

1. Olakunle Oluomo, Ifo 1, APC.

2. Oludare Kadiri, Ijebu North 2, APC.

3. Ganiyu Oyedeji, Ifo 2, APM.

4. Jemili Akingbade, Imeko Afon, ADC.

5. Modupe Mujota, Abeokuta North, APM.

6. Adejojo Yusuf, Abeokuta South 1, APC.

7. Adeyemi Ademuyiwa, Abeokuta South 2, APC.

8. Yusuf Serif, Ado-Odo/Ota I

9. Lamidi Mesefiu, Ado-Odo/Ota ll, APM.

10. Adegoke Olusesi, Egbado North l, ADC.

11. Haruna Abiodun, Egbado North ll, ADC.

12. Bolanle Lateefat, Egbado South South, APM.

13. Amosun Yusuf, Ewekoro, APM.

14. Adams Isaac, Ijebu East, APC.

15. Abiodun Sylvester, Ijebu North l, PDP.

16. Fasuwa Abayomi, Ijebu North East, APC.

17. Oduwole Kemi, Ijebu Ode, APC.

18. Olakunle Sobukola, Ikenne, APC.

19. Sikiru Ajibola, Ipokia, APM.

20. Soneye Kayode,Obafemi Owode, APC.

21. Elemide Oludaisi, Odeda, APC.

22. Bello Atinuke, Odogbolu, APC.

23. Akeem Agbolade, Ogun Waterside, APC.

24. Osho Solomon, Remo North, APC.

25. Abdulbashir Oladunjoye, Sagamu l, APC.

26. Adeniran Ademola, Sagamu ll, APM.


 Ondo State26 Seats

1. Elegbeleye Rasheed, Akoko North East, PDP.

2. Jamiu Sulaiman Maito, Akoko North West l, APC.

3. Mohammed Taofik Oladele, Akoko North West ll, APC.

4. Towase Kuti, Akoko South East, APC.

5. Omole Olugbenga Akinola, Akoko South West l, APC.

6. Felemu Gudu Bankole, Akoko South West ll, APC.

7. Abiodun Faleye, Akure North, APC.

8. Borokini Toluwani Simeon, Akure South l, APC.

9. Olajide David Sunday, Akure South ll, APC.

10. Torhukerhijo Success Taiwo, Ese Odo, APC.

11. Akingbaso Festus O., Idanre, PDP.

12. Oleyelogun Bamidele David, Ifedore, APC.

13. Akinruntan  Abayomi B, Ilaje l, APC.

14. Tomomowo Favour Semilore, Ilaje ll, APC.

15. Adefiranye Ayodele Festus, ile oluji/ Oke igbo, APC.


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16. Ademola Samuel Edamisan, Irele, APC.

17. Iroju Ogundeji, Odigbo l, APC.

18. Adeboroye Samuel Ademoye, Odigbo ll, APC.

19. Akinrogunde Akintunde, Okitipupa ll, APC.

20. Akinwumi Sina Emmanuel, Okitipupa ll, APC.


21. Akinribido Tomide Leonard, Ondo West l, ZLP.

22. Oladiji O. Adesanmi, Ondo East, APC.

23. Williams A. Adewale, Ondo West ll, APC.

24. Oluyede Olushola Feyide, Ose, APC.

25. Ogunmolasun Oluwole E, Owo l, APC.

26. Adeyemi Olayemi Adesina, Owo ll, APC.


Osun State26 Seats

1. Wale Adedoyin, Ilesha West, APC.

2. Timothy Owoeye, Ilesha East, APC.

3. Babatunde Komolafe, Atakunmosa East, APC.

4. Adewumi Adeyemi, Obokun, PDP.

5. Olajide Adeyeye, Ife East, APC.

6. Taiwo Adebusola, Ife Central, APC.

7. Tunde Olatunji, Ife North, APC.

8. Benjamin Ogundipe, Ife South, APC.

9. Taofeek Badamosi, Osogbo,APC.

10. Nasir Olateju, Irepodun/Orolu, APC.

11. Kunle Akande, Olorunda, APC.

12. Mulikat Abiola, Ifelodun, APC.

13. Micheal Adetoyi, Odo Otin, APC.

14. Femi Popoola, Boripe/Boluwaduro, APC.

15. Adebisi Jayeola, Ila, APC.

16. Elizabeth Abioye, Ifedayo, APC.

17. Gbenga Ogunkanmi, Ayedire, APC.

18. Hadirullahi Adegbile, Ola Oluwa APC.

19. Halil Uzamot, Iwo, APC.

20. Babajide Kofoworola, Ede North, PDP.

21. Niran Atidade, Ede South, PDP.

22. Babatunde Ibirogba, Egbedore, APC.

23. Adekunle Oyekunle, Ejigbo, APC.

24. Marouf Olanrewaju, APC.

25. Taiwo Adebayo, Ayedaade, APC.

26. Babatunde Ojo, Oriade, APC.


Oyo State26 Seats

1. Yusuf Adebisi, Ibadan South West l, PDP.

2. Femi Julius Okeoyin, Saki West, PDP.

3. Ogundoyin Adebo Edward, Ibarapa East, PDP.

4. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel, Ibadan North ll, PDP.

5. Kehinde Olatunde Taofik, Akinyele ll, PDP.

6. Adewunmi Lateef Olayiwola, Orelope, PDP.

7. Onaolapo Sanjo Adedoyin, Ogbomosho South, PDP.

8. Olajide Akintunde Emmanuel, Lagelu, PDP.

9. Rasak Ademola Abdullahi, Ibadan South East l, PDP.

10. Adedibu Hakeem Adeshina, Iwajowa, PDP.


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11. Adeola Bamidele O, Iseyin/Itesiwaju, PDP.

12. Mustapha Akeem Olawale, Kajola, PDP.

13. Popoola Ademola Olusegun, Ibadan North East ll, PDP.

14. Olagoke Olamide Francis, Ibadan North East l, PDP.

15. Fatokun Ayotunde Olajide, Irepo, Olorunsogo, PDP.

16. Fadeyi Abiodun Aderemi, Ona Ara, PDP.

17. Babalola Olasunkanmi Samson, Egbeda, PDP.

18. Ojedokun Peter Gbadegesin, Ibarapa North Central, PDP.

19. Samiu Riliwan Gbadamosi, Saki East, Atisbo, PDP.

20. Fatokun Ayotunde, Akinyele l, PDP.

21. Akeem Obadara, Ibadan North West, PDP.

22. Oyekunle Fola, Ibadan North l, PDP.

23. Mobaje Razak, Ido, PDP.

24. Oluwafemi Fowokannu, Ibadan South West ll, PDP.

25. Francis A. Adetunji, Oluyole, PDP.

26. Seyi Adisa, Afijio, APC.

27. Isiaka Kazeem Tunde, Oyo East/Oyo West, APC.

28. Bamigboye  Jacob Abidoye, Orire, APC.

29. Oyeleke Simeon Adegbola, Ogo-Oluwa/Surulere, APC.

30. Alarape Ashimiyu Niran, Atiba, APC.

31. Wunmi Oladeji, Ogbomosho North, PDP.

32. Owolabi Olusola Adewale, Ibadan North East ll, PDP.


Plateau State25 Seats

1. Amurudu A. Usaini, Bokkos, APC.

2. Yahaya Adamu, Wase, APC.

3. Kwapfuan Livinus, Shendam, APC.

4. Dasun Philip Peter, Pankshin North APC.

5. Henry S. Longs, Pankshin North, APC.

6. Timothy Dantong, Riyom, PDP.

7. Abdul Adamu Yanga, Mangu North, APC.

8. Wallok Philip Goma, Kanke, APC.

9. Saleh Shehu Yipmong, Kanam Dengi, APC.

10. Ismaila Hadu Bala, Kanam Lantana, APC.

11. Naanlong Gapyil, Mikang, APC.

12. Musa Aga Avia, Irigwe/Rukuba, PDP.

13. Ezekiel B. Afon(Late), Pengana, APC.

14. Abok N. Ayuba, Jos East, APC.

15. Ibrahim Baba Hassan, Jos North-North, PDP.

16. Dusu Easther Simi, Jos North-West, PDP.

17. Abubakar Mohammed N., Qua’an Pan South, APC.

18. Eric Piangat Dallogol, Qua’an Pan North, APC.

19. Daylop Gwottson Fom, Jos South,PDP.

20. Pirfa Jingfa Tyem, Langtang North-North, PDP.

21. Daniel Nanbol Listick, Langtang North Central, PDP.

22. Peter Ibrahim Gyendeng, Barkin Ladi, PDP.

23. Bala Fwanje, Mangu South,PDP.


Rivers State32 Seats

1. Sam Ogeh, Emohua.

2. Azeru Opara, Port Harcourt II.

3. Michael Chinda, Obio/Akpor II.

4. Martin Amaewhule, Obio/Akpor II.

5. Kelechi Nwogu, Omuma.

6. Eddison Ehie Edison, Ahoada East II.

7. Adonye Diri, Opobo-Nkoro.

8. Ikunyi Ibani, Andoni.

9. Ahiakwo Christian, Onelga I.

10. Anselem N. Oguguo, Ikwere.

11. Smart Adoki, Port Harcourt II.

12. Enemi Alabo George, Asari Toru II.

13. Abinye Blessing People, Bonny.

14. Chibudhom Ezu, Ahoada East I.

15. Nathaniel Elendu Uwaju, Onelga II.

16. Granville Wellington, Asari Toru I.

17. Evans Bipi, Ogu/Bolo.

18. Wami Solomon Chile, Port Harcourt I.

19. Linda Stewart, Okrika.

20. Matthew Dike, Tai.


Sokoto State30 Seats

1. Aminu Magaji, Dange/Shuni, APC.

2. Mustapha Abdullahi, Sokoto South I, APC.

3. Malami Ahmed, Sokoto South II, PDP.

4. Suke Romo, Tambuwal West, PDP.

5. Mode Ladan Tambuwal East, PDP.

6. Musa Miko, Tangaza, PDP.

7. Aminu Achida, Wurno, APC.

8. Murtala Maigona, Wamakko, APC.

9. Sheu Yabo, Yabo, APC.

10. Haliru Buhari, Sokoto North I, PDP.

11. Ibrahim Arzika, Sokoto North II, PDP.

12. Abdullahi Randa, Tureta, PDP.

13. Umaru Sahabi, Binji, PDP.

14. Abubakar Magaji, Bodinga North, PDP.

15. Bala Tukur, Bodinga South, PDP.

16. Altine Kyadawa, Gada West, APC.

17. Kabiru Dauda, Bada East, APC.

18. Mustapha Balle, Gudu, APC.

19. Bello Idris, Gwadabawa South, APC.

20. Abdullahi Garuba, Gwadabawa North, APC.



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21. Bello Ambarura, Illela, APC.

22. Habibu Modachi, Isa, PDP.

23. Abdullahi Mahmud, Kware, PDP.

24. Abdullahi Zakari, Rabah, APC.

25. Almustapha Aminu, Sabon Birni North, PDP.

26. Alhaji Maidawa, Shagari, APC.

27. Atiku Liman, Silame, PDP.

28. Saidu Ibrahim, Sabo Birni South.

29. Adamu Abubakar Kebbe, PDP Replaced Isa Harisu, APC who died after bye election.

30. Faruku Amadu, Goronyo, APC.

31. Abubakar Abdullahi, Sokoto North/Sokoto South.


Taraba State24 Seats

1. Mark B. Useni, Takum II, PDP.

2. John K. Bonnzena, Zing, PDP.

3. Charles Ishaku Audu, Kurmi, PDP.

4. Saleh Sa’ad, Jalingo II, APC.

5. Charles Maijankai, Karim I, PDP.

6. Mohammed Bashir, Ngoroje, APC.

7. Edward G. Baraya, Karim II, PDP.

8. Umar Yusuf, Gashaka, APC.

9. Tanko Maikarfi, Gassol II, PDP.

10. Pius Sabo, Wukari I, PDP.

11. Nura Dantosoho, Jalingo I, APC.

12. A. A. Gambo Mubarak, Bali, APC.

13. Hamman’adama B. Abdullahi, Bali, PDP.

14. Garba Ahiya, Takum I, PDP.

15. Peter Abel Diah, Mbamga, PDP.

16. Mohammed D. Gwampo, Yorro, PDP.

17. Joseph A. Kunini, Lau, PDP.

18. Joseph J. Aji, Wukari II, PDP.

19. Douglas N. Yahaya, Donga, PDP.

20. Yusuf Na’awai, Gassol I, APC.

21. Emmanuel Dame, Ardo Kola, PDP.

22. A. A. Jugulde, Gembu,APC.

23. Abdulkarim Mohammed, Ibi, SDP.

24. Habila I. Anderifun, Ussa, APGA.


Yobe State24 Seats

1. Buba Ibrahim, Kalalla-Damaturu II.

2. Ahmed Lawan, Mirwa.

3. Ishaku Audu, Fika.

4. Auwal Isa, Bell.

5. Bulama Bukar, Gujuba.

6. Ahmed Musa, Dumbulwa-Yumusari.

7. Muhammed Isah Bello, Mamudo.

8. Bukar Mustapha, Gaidam North.

9. Hassan Muhammed, Yusufari.


Zamfara State36 Seats

1. Lawan Liman, Kaura Namoda North, APC.

2. Abubakar Kaura, Kaura Namoda South, APC.

3. Kabiru Moyi, Birnin Magaji, APC.

4. Yusif Moriki, Zurmi East, APC.

5. Mannir Aliyu, Zurmi West, APC.

6. Shehu Mai Wurno, Shinkafi, APC.

7. Aminu Danjibua, Tsafe East, APC.

8. Aliyu Abubakar, Tsafe West, APC.

9. Dalhatu Magami, Gusau East, APC.

10. Sanusi Liman, Gusau West, APC.

11. Ibrahim Hassan, Bungudu East, APC.

12. Yakubu Nature, Bungudu West, APC.


13. Ibrahim Habu, Maru North, APC.

14. Haruna Abdullahi, Maru South, APC.

15. Mustapha Gado, Anka, APC.



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16. Isah Abdulmumini, Talata Marafa North, APC.

17. Aliyu Kagara, Talata Marafa South, APC.

18. Mohammed Sani, Bakura, APC.

19. Yahaya Shehu, Maradun I, APC.

20. Yahya Abdullahi, Maradun II, APC.

21. Aliyu Gayari, Gummi I, APC.

22. Aminu Falae, Gummi II, APC.

23. Yahya Jibrin, Bukkuyum North, APC.

24. Tukur Dantawasa, Bukkuyum South, APC.



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