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Female Frigidity treatment is aim to improve a woman ability to respond to sexual stimulus. Female frigidity treatment focuses on making a woman reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. “Frigid”is derived from the Latin word “Frigidus” (cold). The suffix “ity” is derived from the Latin “itas” (condition, state). Frigidity is applicable to both men and women but it is more common among women. Frigidity means low sex drive (low libido) in women or presence of very little sexual initiation or response.

In this article I’ll walk you through the symptoms, causes, how frigidity can be discovered, diets and female frigidity treatment.

My aim in sharing this information with you is to …

  1. Know those that are can be affected by frigidity.
  2. Types of frigidity.
  3. Know signs or symptoms of frigidity
  4. Know what causes frigidity.
  5. Know how you can know you are battling with frigidity.
  6. How you can adopt sensate focus technique to overcome female frigidity.
  7. How changes in diet can assist you.
  8. Ways to improve sexual desire for female at home and
  9. Female frigidity treatment


Before I analyze symptoms of female frigidity, let explain the types.

Types of female frigidity

Frigidity in women is often differentiated into two major pathologies:

1. Cold-type frigidity 

Clinical manifestation are frigidity, tiredness, feeling of cold in the lower abdomen or in the vagina, low libido and pale tongue with a thin coating.

2. Hot-type frigidity 

Clinical manifestation are frigidity, painful coitus, feeling of heat or itching in the vaginal region, restless with a short temper and red to purple tongue body without coating.

Both pathological factors have profound effect on the pelvic organs and associated energies that control sexual desire.


What are female frigidity symptoms?

It signs and symptoms are:

  1. Difficulty in getting aroused.
  2. Discomfort or pain during sex.
  3. Little or no desire for sex.
  4. Vaginal dryness and
  5. Problem with achieving orgasm.

Having explained types and symptoms of  female frigidity. Let’s move on to the causes of female frigidity and ways sexual desire can be improve for female at home.

What causes female frigidity?

There is no switch for intimacy that can be turned on when a partner have sexual desire. The circumstances have to be conducive and comfortable if mutual enjoyment can take place. Because sexuality deals with many complex feelings and behavioural patterns ranging from romance, intimacy, feelings, security to the feeling of desire and sensuality.

Causes of female frigidity are:

  • Psychological: it include guilt, conflict between partners, anxiety, sexual abuse, conservative upbringing and feeling of inferiority.
  • Psysiological: birth control pills, menopause, hormones, lactation, pregnancy, menstrual cycles and post natal period.

Ways to improve sexual desire for female at home

Female Frigidity Treatment

1. Start to move on with her only after good understanding. It is much important for the male partner to understand about his partner’s mind and thoughts.

2. Explain to your male partner about your level of tolerance. It is no way wrong to tell him that whether is pressing, is pleasurable or painful. Unless you explain to him about your tolerance level. He is never going to understand it.

3. Love and respect your wife: consider her views before taking your decisions.

4. Proper counselling and psychotherapy helps to solve the emotional issues and unwanted fear towards sex.

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How do you employ sensate focus technique?

The sensate focus technique is a sex technique in sex therapy that aid couples that are having challenges in their sexual life because of psychological factors. This technique objective is to reduce the anxiety related with sexual behaviour and sexual performance, while simultaneously teaching couples what each of them find pleasurable. The sensate focuse technique is used to treat sexual arousal disorder symptoms as well as orgasmic issues of orgasmic disorder. This technique is divided into three steps. COUPLES MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH THE STEP, THEY ARE BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE NEXT STEP.

STEP ONE: is about touching sensations. It is not about sexual arousal or sexual intercourse. In this step, each partner takes turns touching the other partner body. These are sensual but not sexual touches. GENITALS and BREASTS are off limit in this step.

STEP TWO: The partners are allowed to touch any part of other partner body including the breasts and genitals. This step is the same as step one because they focus the focus still remain on the touching sensations, not sexual arousal. Sexual intercourse is not allowed in step two.

STEP THREE: The partners are allowed to forgo taking turns and mutual touching is allowed. Once the couple is okay with the process of touching and being touched, the step allows sexual intercourse. Still the focus on the sexual intercourse is to be on mutual sex enjoyment rather than orgasm.


Female Frigidity diet: Female frigidity treatment

Dietary changes will help in dealing with frigidity. Include the following in your diets:

Raisins, figs, fruits, dark chocolate, oysters, olive oil, whole wheat, nuts (such as cashew, peanut or groundnut, chestnut, almond, pecans, pine nut, Brazilnut, Walnut and pistachios) and seeds (such as flaxseeds, sesame seeds or benniseeds, pumpkin seeds), eggs source from organic or locally raised chicken.

Massaging your body with sesame oil and castor oil will result in nerve stimulation and reviving of muscular robustness.

In addition, avoid refined sugar and sugary drinks, avoid red meat, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, polished white rice and white flour.

Avoid smoggy environment because smog contains toxins that suppresses your immune system. Avoid stress because it have negative impact on your libido. Moreso, adequate sleep will enhance your sexual desire and regular exercise will boost your sexual health. The treatment to frigidity in women is multi-dimensional ranging from psychological counseling, sex education and herbal or pharmaceutical therapies. Whether pharmaceutical or home remedies, to make it effective and efficient the person should be willing to have sex with her partner and should realize the importance of sexual health.

Many women suffering from frigidity must be treated by formal psychiatrist but many can be greatly assist by an understanding and sympathetic psychian. If you are suffering from frigidity seek help from professionals so that the root cause of your frigidity can be known. By so doing, the solution you desperately search for will come your way.

Now, let move to female frigidity treatments .

This article is not meant to be a substitute to where the services of a medical expert is urgently needed.

Female Frigidity Treatment

1. Coconut water (Omi agbon in Yoruba; Ruwan Kwankwar in Hausa; Mmri aki beke in Igbo; Eyin akuba in Idoma; Ame kokodia in Urhobo) drinking a glass of fresh coconut water daily will enhance your libido and assist you in female frigidity treatment.

2. Pomegranate juice : eating and drinking of fresh Pomegranate juice enhances sexual drives in women with low levels of testosterone and help in female frigidity treatment.

3. Horny Goat Weed (Gboyin gboyin in Yoruba) balances estrogen and estradiol levels in women. It also contains icarin that acts as natural phytoestrogen, relieving menopause symptoms, including low libido and vaginal dryness. Boil the stems of Horny Goat Weed in water. Take 2 tablespoons of the tea decoction two times in a day for 7 days. After that, have 7 days break for female frigidity treatment. Do it this way on and off to get desired result.

4. Dong Quai : prepare tea infusion of Dong Quai roots. Drink 2 tablespoons once a day. Alternatively, you can get Dong Quai in capsule form.

5. Aniseeds : you can chew half tablespoon of Aniseeds after every meals for female frigidity treatment.

6. Pineapple juice: (Abarba in Hausa; Edin ebo in Edo; Aregede in Idoma; Ogede oyinbo in Yoruba; Akwu olu, Akwu Ocha in Igbo) blend unripe pineapple fruit, mix with Organic pure honey. Refrigerate it. Take 2 tablespoons twice in a day for female frigidity treatment.

7. Ginger (Chitta in Hausa; Atale in Yoruba; Jinja in Igbo) chew half tablespoon of fresh Ginger mix with half tablespoon of Garlic (Tafarnuwa in Hausa; Ayuu in Igbo; Alubosa ayu in Yoruba) paste. Do it once a day. Or: Include it your diet.

8. Withania Somnifera (Horse root, Winter cherry in English; Karama anta in Hausa) after the stoppage of  your menstrual flow. Mix 1 tablespoon of Withania Somnifera with 250 ml milk and drink. Do it once a day for female frigidity treatment.

Note! Do not take it during your menstrual period.

9. Damiana: stimulates sex drive, desire and arousal in women. It also contains mood enhancer properties. Put 1 tablespoon of Damiana leaf powder in 300 ml cup of water. Allow it to boil for some 7 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink 30 minutes before sex. Do it twice in a day for 14 days. After that, take once in every 3 days. It very good in the treatment of female frigidity.

10. Coconut Juice: obtain coconut fruit blend the nut and the coconut water together. Add Organic pure honey. Mix thoroughly. Take 2 tablespoons twice daily.

11. Cut fresh raw sweet potatoes (Dankali dorawa in Hausa; Ji-oyinbo, Ji-beke in Igbo; Anamon, Odukun, Odumsi in Yoruba; Atiaka in Tiv; Ogenge in Idoma) into slices together with their bark.

Dry them in the sun. When dried, grind them with dried leaves of Brachystegia Eurycoma (Ewe eeku gbigbe in Yoruba; Achi in Igbo; Dewen in Edo; Akpa in Akwa Ibom; Akpakpa in Ijaw) and white onion (Yabasi Ocha in Igbo; Albasa fari in Hausa; Alubosa Funfun in Yoruba). Mix thoroughly with similar quantity of organic pure honey. Take 1 tablespoon before bedtime. It improves female libido and treat frigidity.

12. Obtain some unripe plantains (Ogede agbagba dudu in Yoruba; Ayaba in Hausa; Ojioko, Jioko in Igbo; Agbo ochi in Idoma; Konkomu in Tiv) remove the bark and cut them into slices. Pound the unripe plantains together with some walnuts (Asala, Awusa in Yoruba; Geda Yoruba in Hausa; Okhue, Okwe in Bini; Ukpa in Igbo; Kie in Tiv), Cloves (Kanafuru in Yoruba; Kanumfari in Hausa) and Fresh Garlic pods (Tafarnuwa in Hausa; Ayuu in Igbo; Alubosa ayu in Yoruba). After pounding them together mix with Organic pure honey (Oyin igan,Oyin gidi in Yoruba; Iyio in Tiv; Enwu in Idoma; Dorawa in Hausa; Zmanu in Igbo; Iyio in Tiv). Dry them in direct sun on a flat tray, space them. Cover properly with net to avoid contamination from flies. Once it is dried crust it. Take 2 tablespoons twice in a day.

Unripe plantains








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