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Home safety tips are meant to make you stay secured. Home safety tips will enable you to know several ways you can secure your home. Your home is a safe haven where you and your loved ones feel at ease. Nowadays, security has become something to worry about because nobody want to acquire properties to lose them to thief or burglar. It will interest you to know that a burglar is out for one thing; to find a home that is easy break in. If your home appears to be too difficult or the risk of being caught is too much, they’ll go to other house.

While it is not easy to protect your home from professional thieves, several home burglars are carried out by inexperienced burglars. Know that you, don’t have to get an expensive home security system before you can prevent smart neighborhood thieves from breaking into your home and keep your loved ones safe and secured.

In this article I’ll be explain various and less expensive home safety tips.

These are what you stand to gain by reading this article; you’ll know:

  • Inexpensive ways you can protect your home from burglars.
  • Why you must secure your home and
  • How you can secure your home.


1. Be cautious

One of most vital home safety tips is do not leave notes for friends, service people and family members on the door, so as to not to fall victim of Intruders and burglars.

2. Do not leave your spare keys outside

Keeping your spare keys outside, under a welcome mat, under a planter or inside mailbox because these are the first point of call for smart neighborhood thieves and intruders. Rather wrap the keys in foil and bury it where they can be easily seen by you, family member(s) and make sure nobody is watching whenever you’re burying it. This home safety tips will help you a lot.

3. Install srong front and back door

Having weak front and back door make it easier for burglars and thieves to break into your house. Make sure both front and back door of your house are strong built with solid core wood or metal with functional lock that makes them less prone to easy breakage whenever they are kick or hit.

4. Change your house locks and check your locks

Immediately you moved into a house someone packed out from, bought a house from someone, or lose your key(s) make sure you replace your house locks with new ones. The keys to your house might be with someone that may organize buglars or such person might come and bugle your house. Always maintain your locks. If they need oiling do so when necessary. Adherence to this home safe tips is important for you and family safety.

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5. Create the impression that you are at home, when you are not

Home Safety Tips

You can do this by turning lights on at night and having them turn off by using timer whether you are at home or not. Make sure the light that illuminate or cover vulnerable places in your house are on constantly especially when it is dark.

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6. Place warning signs at strategic places

Another home safety tips is putting up warning signs such as “Military Zone Keep Off”, “Beware of Dogs” or “Properties Under Surveillance”. Upon seeing this sign rational burglars will have think twice mostly before breaking into your home because of fear of being caught.

Sometimes this home safety tip may not stop burglars that are desperate but it may chill fear down the spine of some intruders giving them the impression that they are being monitored.

7. Do not hand over your house key(s) to people outside your family

If there is need for you to do otherwise make sure these are people you can trust, people you know we’ll enough or there is someone that can vouch for them or background checks had been done on them.

8. Keep away things, tools and ladders when not in use

After using tools such as axes, hammers, pry bars, screw drivers, ladder, and so on. Keep them in a place they can’t be easily found by thieves or burglars. Leaving them outside shows how careless you’re, making your home security vulnerable. They are potential weapons for burglars and thieves. This home safe tips must not be underestimated.

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9. Lock doors and windows always

Whenever you are about to go out always lock your doors and windows in your home. If you have a home automation system, use your smart phone or computer to lock your door if you forget before leaving home.

Lock your doors and windows regardless of whether you will be away for for a long time or not. It is better to take precautions because you may not know who is monitoring your movement. Intruders may quickly come in to look around, if they discover they can’t take anything at such time. They will leave with the intention of coming back when you are not around or at night. If you are the type that sleep at night with window open, you may install window lock that allow your window to open few inches.

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10. Keep your surroundings clean

Always trim to make your surroundings clean by trimming bushes, trees and other plants to create clear view. If you won’t be around for a long period get someone to tidy your surroundings and water your plants to give the impression that you are around. Having an untidy environment send clear signal that nobody is living there for some time which may make your house to be target for burglars.

11. Every body must not know you are not around

If you are planning to travel out of town, inform only people you trust. Going to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, et cetra telling people that you are planning to travel, you’re already out of town or on vacation, make your house a target for thieves and burglars. Keep pictures and updates about your vacation till when you are back home. Be extremely careful of what you share about yourself. Strict adherence to this home safety tips will save you a lot.

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12. Install video cameras

A video camera can be a good deterrents, when an intruder or burglar is aware that he or she is being monitored. Install both indoor and outdoor cameras inside your home, if you can afford them this home safety tips will beef up your home security. Mount your cameras near vulnerable doors and windows. Do not activate the flashing light because real cameras do not have lights.

Outdoor cameras can deter burglars and thieves. While some indoors cameras are very good and versatile because they become motion detection, two-way audio and siren to scare away visitors that are not wanted. You can get notifications inform of emails, text and phone calls if sensors are triggers.

13. Close blinds, curtains and shades

Next home safety tip is before steeping out of your home make sure all shades are closed and blind drawn shut including the ones in the bathroom and basement windows. When you do this, you makes it difficult for burglars and thieves to know if there is anything worth stealing or if your home is occupied or not.

Even when you are around make sure that, the type of the curtain you use can enable you to see the person outside while the person cannot see you.

14. Install a peephole

A peephole let you see who is on the other side of your door. Note that several doors don’t come with peephole and even if they come with such thing, they may be so tiny that you can’t see the person outside clearly. Smart intruders who understands this, hide slightly out of view or appear distorted that they are not easily recognize. You can also install a peephole in the door separating the houses from the garage to help you check without opening the door when you sense suspicious movements or sounds.

15. Get yourself a guard dog

Before considering a guard dog as your home security make sure you have the time and the resources to cater for the dog according to it needs. Dogs deter buglars and thieves by drawing attention to their presence which burglars hate. Even a small noisy dog can be effective. Note that dogs that are trained as guard dog cannot make good pets. Obedience training and attack training are not similar. Obedience training is meant for pet dogs while attack training is appropriate for guard dogs.

Nowadays, there are increasing demand for guard dogs for home protection to scare away intruders. Guard dogs under some period of socialization and training that makes them friendly to known faces and their owners and hostile towards unfamiliar faces. Some of the breeds that can be excellent guard dog are: Rottweiler, the giant schnauzer, the German Shepherd, and so on.

If you are considering obtaining or buying yourself a guard dog, consult a guard dog trainer in your area to assist you to train your dog to become an efficient guard.





13 Safety Tips That Could Save Your Home from a Break-In


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