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Sore throat treatments will assist you in getting rid of painful, scratchy or dry feeling in your throat that occur due to sore throat. Sore throat are common and in most cases they are nothing to worry about. Even if it is not severe enough, sore throat may be painful and may not allow you to get a good night sleep. This is why sore throat treatment is necessary.

This article looks at the differences between a cold and strep throat, symptoms of sore throat, causes, risk Factors, how it can be prevented and fast sore throat treatments.

I know what you are thinking…

Here are what you’ll gain from reading this article; you will know:

  • Meaning of sore throat.
  • How to differentiate a cold from strep throat.
  • Noticeable symptoms of sore throat.
  • Things that increases your chances of having sore throat.
  • How sore throat can be avoided and
  •  Sore throat treatments

Now! Let’s get going…

I will begin by differentiating a cold from strep throat and later causes of sore throat.

What is the difference between a cold and sore throat?

A sore throat is often the first sign of a cold. However, a sore throat from a cold often gets better or goes away after the first day or two or even a week. Other cold  symptoms such as runny nose and congestion may follow the sore throat.

Strep throat, which is an infection due to streptococcus bacteria is another causes of sore throat and tonsillitis. With strep throats, the sore throat is often more severe and persists.

Want to know causes of sore throat?

Sore throat causes is not always obvious. However, in several cases, it is a symptom of viral or bacterial infection. They include:

  1. Tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils).
  2. Glandular fever (it makes you feel very tired, have a fever and swollen glands in your neck).
  3. Laryngitis (voice box inflammation).
  4. Epiglottitis (inflammation of the flap of tissue at the back of the throat).
  5. Colds or flu : may cause blocked or runny nose, a cough, fever and headache.
  6. Quinsy (a painful collection of pus at the back of the throat).

Moreso, sore throat may also be caused by something iritating your throat such as allergies, dry air, smoking, irritant in the air, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (where acid leaks up from the stomach), HIV infection, eating spicy foods, straining of throat muscle and alcohol consumption.

Sore throat appearing after treatment with antibiotics, chemotherapy or other immune-compromising medications may be due to the yeast candida, commonly called “thrush”. A sore throat lasting more than two weeks can be a sign of serious illness such as throat cancer or AIDS.

Having analyzed the causes of sore throat. Next are sore throat noticeable signs and factors that may increases your chances of sore throat.

What are sore throat symptoms?

Sore Throat Treatments

Sore throat symptoms may differs depending on the symptoms. They are:

  • Swollen red tonsils.
  • White patches or pus on the tonsils.
  • Hoarse voice and
  • Pain that worsens when swallowing of foods and liquid.

Risk Factors

The following may increases your chances of sore throat. They include:

  1. Time of the year (winter and early spring are common times for strep throat).
  2. Exposure to someone who suffers from strep throat or sore throat.
  3. Irregularly shaped or large tonsils and
  4. Weather (cold air can irritate your throat).

Now these are important…


The following steps can help you to prevent sore throat. They include:

  • Avoiding smoking and exposure to second hand smoke.
  • Washing your hands after using the toilet, coughing and sneezing.
  • Avoiding close contact with people who have sore throat,cold or other upper respiratory infections and
  • Avoiding sharing food utensils or drinking glasses with people who have sore throat.

This will take us to sore throat treatments.

This article is not meant to be a substitute where the services of a medical expert is urgently needed.

Sore Throat Treatments

1. Garlic ( Alubosa ayu in Yoruba; Ayuu in Igbo; Tafarnuwa in HausaIt contains compound known as allicin as well as antiviral, antibacterial properties and immune booster. Crush fresh garlic pods  to paste, mix with little water and take with 1 tablespoon of organic pure honey (Zmanu in Igbo; Dorawa in Hausa; Oyin igan, Oyin gidi in Yoruba). Take it three times in a day for sore throat treatments.

2. Cinnamon (Kirfa in Hausa; Olo orun in YorubaTake half tablespoon of Cinnamon powder with 1 tablespoon of organic pure honey. Take it two times in a day for sore throat treatments. Note! Always drink lukewarm water whenever you are suffering from sore throat.

3. Ginger (Chitta in Hausa; Atale in Yoruba; Jinja in IgboIt contains anti-inflammatory properties that lessens swelling or inflammation of the caused by sore throat. Take half tablespoon of Ginger with lukewarm water 4 times in a day for sore throat treatments.

4. Curry Leaves ( Effinrin oso in Yoruba Chew some fresh curry leaves and drink lukewarm water upon it. Do it thrice daily for sore throat treatments.

5. Pomegranate juice : Eating and drinking fresh Pomegranate juice fight infection and reduce inflammation caused by sore throat. Take a cup of fresh Pomegranate juice twice daily for sore throat treatments.

6. Honey : Lick one tablespoon of organic pure honey 4 times in a day for sore throat treatments.

7. Sage : It  have astringent, antiseptic and antibacterial properties that aids in sore throat treatment.  Put 1 or 2 tablespoon(s) of Sage leaves powder in 300 ml of water. Prepare it tea decoction, strain and drink when it is lukewarm. Do it twice daily. Or: Drink 250 ml of it twice in a day when it is lukewarm.

8. White Cabbage: It is rich in vitamin C, sulphur, and vitamin K. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Prepare White Cabbage juice. Put 250 ml of the juice in steel cup and put the cup that contain the Cabbage juice in hot water. When it becomes lukewarm,drink. Do it thrice a day for sore throat treatments.


Avoid plastic cup.

9. Grind the following items together:

Fresh Garlic pods, Bitter Cola and Ginger. Mix them with Lime juice ( Ekpe nkirisi in Igbo; Ruwa lemu tsami in Hausa; Omi osan wewe, Omi oronbo in Yoruba) and Aloe Vera Gel ( Tinya in Hausa; Ebube agu in Igbo; Ahon Erin in Yoruba). Take half  tablespoon every 4 hours for sore throat treatments.


Aloe Vera

10. Grind 3 tablespoons Alligator Pepper (Ose oji in Igbo; Eso atare in Yoruba; Gydanda maryaji in Hause; Otita in Idoma) seeds in to powder. Bitter cola nuts ( Orogbo in Yoruba; Cida goro in Hausa; Edun in Edo; Emiale in Icheve, Efrie in Ejagham-kin; Edun, Efiari in Efik;Efiat in Ibibio; Oje in Bokyi; Igoligo in Idoma; Aka-ilu, Ugolo, Aki inu in Igbo; Akain in Ijo-Izon; Okain in Itsekiri) and Ginger together. Mix them thoroughly together with Lime juice. Take half tablespoon every 4 hours for sore throat treatments.

Bitter cola






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