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The Clerk’s of the National Assembly functions as the de facto Chief Executive Officer of the National Assembly. The Clerk of the National Assembly (CNA) overseas complete administration of the legislature. The CNA does this in accordance with the constitution, Standing Rules of the National Assembly and the directives of principal officers of both the Senate and House of Representatives.




So what are the functions of the Clerk’s of the National Assembly?


The Clerk of the National Assembly performs the following functions:

  • The CNA supervises the principal officers election.
  • The CNA conducts the oath taking of all the members of the National Assembly.
  • The CNA is the National Assembly Chief Accounting Officer.
  • The CNA presides over new members proceeding of sitting.
  • As the National Assembly Boards of Tender’s Chairman. The CNA determines the award of contacts in the National Assembly.

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  • The CNA presides over the proceeding and the confirmation of the return of writs and make sure there is quorum in the House.
  • The CNA meets regularly with the principal officers to settle any misunderstandings in the application of the rules that guides members or staff of the legislature.
  • The CNA signs copies of laws passed by the National Assembly before transmitting it to the Mr. President for his assent.


Now here are the lists of pasts and Present Clerks of the National Assembly:











Alhaji Idris Gidado, GCON

Aug. 1979 – May 1983








Dr. Muhammed Adamu Fika

1990 – 1994




Ibrahim Salim

1994 – 2005




Ibrahim Nasir Arab

2004 – 2010


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Prince Oluyemi Ogunyomi

Jan. 2010 – May 2016




Dr. Salisu Abubakar Maikasuwa

Aug. 2010 – May 2016









Mohammed A. Sanni-Omolori

May 2016 till dates






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